Why You Should Hire an Integrated Marketing Agency: 6 Reasons

Integrated marketing is the best way to create and put out a cohesive, unified campaign across all forms of advertising channels that your company may use. It works to synchronize your company’s outreach to its consumers into one united yet multi-faceted message that can be used to interact and identify with your product.

Integrated marketing agencies are specifically equipped to create such a synergized branding experience, employing professionals who focus on the major arms of integrated marketing which include branding, personalization, advertising, and customer communication and experience.

● What is an Integrated Marketing Agency?

Why You Should Hire an Integrated Marketing Agency 6 Reasons

An integrated marketing agency is basically a company that takes on all aspects of your advertising, links them all under one campaign. They leverage the major advantage of each channel, synchronizing it so that your company is delivering a united, identifiable image across all platforms. This enables you to strategically connect with your target clientele and create an interactive consumer experience through brilliant advertising that gives your company a face and a message that your consumers can identify with.

They are able to achieve this by overseeing every stop and end of your marketing, strategizing and integrating them into one holistic mega-campaign.

1. Integrated marketing companies offer a wide range of services and are cost-effective

The most prominent feature an integrated marketing company has is its ability to offer the fullest available range of marketing services from top to bottom. Starting with web and graphic design services, strategy formulation, branding, advertising consumer interaction, and communications, these agencies provide all the necessary services. Because this is all under one service, it greatly drops the cost of having different companies oversee different aspects of your marketing all at varying levels. One company takes over all parts of the creation and execution of the campaign idea from start to finish and the overall cost is stated at the beginning of the service.

Apart from the great advantage of being cost-effective, in their ability to cater to every marketing need, this form of marketing helps the cohesive flow of instruction and ideas.

2. Integrated marketing agencies are more aware of your company journey than individual companies

Individual companies are more likely to only be concerned with just one aspect or process in the chain of your campaign creation. This means that they are not likely to be as aware of/oriented with your company’s outreach vision as an integrated company would. Rather using individual companies to cover various processes in your marketing journey may portray a discordant, disunities image of your company and product to your target customers.

By bypassing external creative and advertising services, the potential risk of losing or altering the campaign vision down the line of communication from start to execution is entirely eradicated. Because all of the marketing is held within one body, it is better equipped to handle the synergizing of all the marketing fronts your company will decide to employ.

3. They are better at targeting and interacting with customers based on demographics

According to Wikipedia, “In the 21st century, communications objectives focus on more customized messages, targeting customer groups or individuals to create high responses and greater brand interaction.” A great reason why you should hire an integrated marketing agency is that they handle and interpret demographic needs. This improves accuracy in customer targeting and increases your consumer conversion rate.

Utilizing demographic facts allows them to strategically create campaigns that address the specific needs of your target clientele. This is achieved by advertising to your potential client from the angle of solving a problem they can relate to and identify with. By making it about them, personalizes your product and brings relations down to the individual level.

4. Hiring an integrated marketing agency guarantees cross-channel marketing campaigns that work together to achieve the same goal

The best part of integrated marketing companies? They utilize everything. Every single form of advertising channel available is employed to create a holistic, multi-faceted advertising campaign that carries the same message across different levels of media. In doing this, they work in tandem to create a fully operative brand image that puts out your product along with a uniform message depicted through different forms of creative advertising.

The advantage that this gives your company is that it creates a united voice for your product and gives your campaign a cause to identify with that consumers are interested in. Nothing is more guaranteed to pull your target clientele in.

5. They know how to use data and analytics to make better decisions

Integrated marketing agencies employ experts across all arms that connect to marketing, including data analysis. This means that there is no need to hire independent specialists to handle and analyze your marketing data. And because they already handle all the aspects of your campaign, they can use the information gathered to make better marketing decisions for the good of your company’s campaign, which is both time-saving and cost-effective.

6. They can come up with new ideas and tailor new campaigns for specific target audiences

Should your company decide to include a certain demographic of people in its target clientele or even switch up its targeting entirely, your integrated marketing agency is equipped to handle it. They can be trusted to restrategize and restructure your campaign, create a new one, or even entirely rebrand your company image. This can also be necessary if your target clientele’s interest has shifted to a new cause other than what your campaign oversees. Because they have followed your marketing journey, they are better equipped to create the best strategies for restructuring it.

In addition to the above list of great reasons to hire an integrated marketing agency, a few other reasons include:

  • Your campaign is created and strategically overseen by professionals
  • You’re provided with a wide range of marketing services
  • Most of the marketing and advertising pressure is taken off your company
  • The effectiveness of your campaign is being closely monitored and optimized per time


There are a lot of ways that your company would greatly benefit from hiring an integrated marketing agency and we hope that this article has provided you with enough reasons to help your company take the next best step in great marketing.



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