We all know that Aldi is known for saving its customers money, but every market has its extra-special deals, and this list is here to help you find the very best money-saving deals that Aldi has to offer. If you want to save money on great food products, you cannot miss this list. Check out what to buy at Aldi.

15 Best Things to Buy at Aldi

1. Spices

The right seasoning can turn any humdrum meal into something really delicious, and at a bit above $1 per jar, spices at Aldi are a great deal. The selection isn’t as wide as it is at some other stores, but unless you’re looking for something really unusual, the spices you’ll likely need will all be there.

2. Potato Chips

Most stores have their own brand of popular items, and Aldi is no exception. The most popular flavors are available in a good-sized bag for you and your family. Aldi potato chips are delicious, always in stock, and at less than a dollar and a half, a great deal too.

3. Butter

Another house staple is butter. Most of the time, the price hovers a little under $3, but regular price drops mean that you can pick up a good supply at around $2.25 each, saving 25% off of an already reasonable price!

4. Milk

Aldi milk is free of artificial growth hormones, tastes great, and comes at a great price too. The usual types are there, skim, whole, 2%, etc., and they do carry almond milk if you don’t use dairy.

5. Cheese

Shredded parmesan and other cheeses are priced low but maintain excellent taste and quality. We buy the largest block of it and take care to store it properly. It lasts as long as we need it to, and the bulk buying means even more savings.

6. Cream

Heavy whipping cream at under two bucks? You bet. That and other creams at great prices, and great levels of quality. Aldi takes special care to make sure its dairy products are sourced from responsible producers.

7. Eggs

Aldi consistently prices their eggs at the cheapest end of the market, but provides the same great quality as other stores, and often the same brands you’d find elsewhere.

8. Oil

Canola, and other oils, are another great thing to pick up at Aldi. They carry the big jugs for the greatest savings, and unless some other store has a spectacular sale on, Aldi also has the best price available.

9. Rice

Our favorite rice is Jasmine, and Aldi carries it (and other popular types) in reliably re-sealable bags, at great prices.

10. Produce

Frozen vegetables are often comprised of the poorest quality crops, but at Aldi, the frozen produce is well above average, comes out nearly as good as fresh produce, and has the advantage of staying edible for long periods of time in your freezer. Big bags of good food at low prices – tough to beat that combination!

Prefer fresh? No problem. Aldi does have a fresh produce section too. Some locations have been criticized for letting the quality slip, but if you are near a location that stays on top of things in the fresh food section, then you’ll be pleased with both the quality and the price.

11. Tissues

Another item that most families go through pretty quickly is tissues. Regular prices at Aldi, for good brands like Willow, are cheaper than for Kleenex or Puffs anywhere else, so unless there’s a great sale on somewhere, we buy ours at Aldi.

12. Trash Bags

Inexpensive, off-brand bags are often the best choice for something you buy only to throw away again. For most families, the quality is more than sufficient – and the prices are great.

13. Beans

There are more famous brands of canned beans out there, but Aldi beans are at least as delicious (we think more so), and are at such a good price that buying them canned can be cheaper than buying them dry – and I don’t need to tell you how much easier that is.

Dried beans are also available for recipes that require them, and the quality there is also top notch.

14. Sugar

All your sugar needs – with the exception of raw sugar, which can be cheaper and more available in some bulk food stores – are best met at Aldi. Aldi brand sugars are of high quality, are packed well, so they don’t get lumpy or harden up on the store shelf, and they taste delicious.

15. Real Vanilla

Real vanilla is a lot stronger than vanilla extract – sometimes twice as strong – so paying a bit more for a pack of it is actually a great way to save. Aldi is the cheapest place we’ve found to get real vanilla, regularly priced at about $3.50.

5 Bonus Tips to Save Money at Aldi

1. Bring Your Own Bags

It seems like not a big deal, but adding up all of the bags you stockpile at home, and multiplying by the cost of each, can quickly add up to notable amounts. Bringing your own bags is not only environmentally friendly, but it will keep some money in your pocket.

2. Use Receipt Apps

Upload an image of your receipt to apps like Receipt Hog and Receipt Pal and you can earn money.

3. Look for Post-Season Clearance Sales

Stores – including Aldi – stock up for holiday rushes, and they don’t want to run out, so there are often large quantities of unsold seasonal items left over when the holiday is done. Go in after a holiday and stock up.

4. Check the Dates

Make sure you don’t buy something that will spoil before you use it. A big jug of milk might be a great deal, but not if you have to throw half of it out.

5. Find the Clearance Rack

Anything that hasn’t sold well – and it might be something you want – gets placed on clearance, and will be at an even better price than it regularly would be.


We could all use a little help in making our money last a little longer. Even if you don’t, there is no need to throw it away needlessly. With a little of the right information, you can eat the same great foods as other people, but pay a lot less.

Aldi is a great place to shop if you want to save money on your food bill. Follow these tips to stretch your hard-earned money even further.