Food delivery service is very popular now! You can get a crusty pizza much faster than before or literally have anything delivered to you at the wink of the eye! Thanks to many delivery companies that have sprung up, the service is becoming even more awesome! In this review, we are going to look at the two food delivery giants, Postmates and Uber Eats to see which one is worth the food delivery market trophy!

Uber Eats VS Postmates: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between Uber Eats and Postmates is that Uber Eats orders are always prepaid while Postmates uses a cooperate debit card which Postmates company gives to drivers who then pay for orders on behalf of customers.

When you are looking to pay cash, or don’t have money on your card, Postmates becomes a great option but it also has its ugly side. Since food is ordered way ahead, if the driver doesn’t arrive in time, a customer can receive a not very fresh order. Whereas Uber Eats ensures that drivers pick the eats while hot and fresh so that the customer receives the food as good as they would if they sat at the same restaurant to eat.

Uber Eats VS Postmates: Delivery Process

Uber Eats Delivery Process

To a hungry customer that needs to hear the promise of quick delivery, Uber Eats gives that promise! When a customer places an order, the app immediately delivers the message to both the driver and the restaurant. The order is then worked upon. Uber Eats strives to make sure that food is delivered while still hot, and the restaurant will wait until a driver arrives before the order is processed.

Once the driver picks the order, customers can track the drivers en route. On arrival, and depending on the city, drivers deliver the order to a customer’s doorstep or the customer picks up the order from the cab. Some cities encourage pickup from the cab because of complex apartments and a lack of parking space. In cities where eats must be delivered to the doorstep, a tip must be given to the driver.

Postmates Delivery Process

With Postmates, once a customer places an order, a driver receives the message first. The driver must check if the order is prepaid or not. If it’s not prepaid, the driver will pay for the order using a cooperate debit card which is credited by Postmates.

The driver then accepts the order and heads to the restaurant. If the restaurant has not received the order via Postmates app, the driver will place the order himself. Postmates deliveries must be carried to a customer’s doorsteps no matter what!

What Does It Mean to Drivers?

Drivers for Uber Eats have a less hard time making deliveries because of the fact that the orders are prepaid. Postmates drivers face the hassle of ensuring that their Postmates debit cards are prepaid to smoothly make orders. Even though Postmates credits the debit card sometimes with money twice as much amount as needed for the order, in cases of delay, a driver must wait longer before he makes the delivery.

Since Postmate drivers must deliver to the door always, they face the challenge of figuring out parking space and walking into complex apartments. But this comes with the reward of a handsome tip from the customer.

What Does It Mean to Customers?

For Postmates, customers are well covered when it comes to a smooth payment process. They don’t have to worry about not having money at the time of order as Postmates covers them. The problem customers may face is delayed delivery which arises when orders weren’t received by the restaurant via the Postmates app.

It is not a delay that raises eyebrows but it can mean 2-3 minutes of delay while the driver waits for their card to be credited and for them to then place the customer’s order. This delay can be avoided when ordering via Uber Eats.

Customers also get to pay slightly more in tips because their order is delivered to the door. Uber Eats customers do pay tips as well but aren’t obligated to pay much since they sometimes pick the delivery from the cab.

Uber Eats VS Postmates: App Experience

Uber Eats App Experience

Uber Eats has two apps: one for drivers and the other for customers. Drivers who already use the driver’s app can easily join the Uber Eats app. They won’t be required to add in a lot of information. Customers can also place their order using a PC or through their desktop without downloading the app. Uber Eats is rated 4.8 out of 5 in the Apple’s App Store and has almost 500k customers that have used the app backing the ratings.

Postmates App Experience

Postmates apps also work the same as Uber’s except with a few bugs. Sometimes customers are made to pay either via the app or on delivery because the app didn’t require customers to prepay the order. Postmates has two apps, one for drivers and the other for customers and customers can order via their desktops just like they can with Uber Eats.

App Experience Verdict

There is no much difference in app usage for both drivers and customers except for a few bugs in the Postmates app which can be solved by ordering via the desktop. Drivers seeking to join Uber Eats don’t face much trouble as orders can as well be accepted via the driver app.

Uber Eats VS Postmates: Pricing Policy


Uber Eats Pricing

Drivers’ income consists of 4 segments with a different amount for each. Let’s take a look at drivers’ income combination.

  1. Tips
  2. Mileage
  3. Order Pickup
  4. Order Drop-Off

Drivers take 100% of the tip given by the customer and if they make use of referral bonuses, they also earn something from them. For each order, customers need to pay for the cost of the food, applicable taxes, and a predetermined Uber Eats fee. Customers pay $4.99 which includes taxes and the Uber fee. New customers get a $5 discount on the first two orders if they take advantage of the promo code. As for Uber itself, Uber takes an amount between 25% to 35% of profit cut.

Postmates Pricing

For restaurants that are not in partnership with Postmates, a customer is charged $5.99 delivery fee. If the restaurant is a Postmate partner, a customer pays $3.99. The rest of the pricing is pretty the same as that of Uber Eats. Customers can get promo codes to get delivery discounts and drivers earn somewhere the same as Uber Eats drivers.

Uber Eats VS Postmates: Coverage Area

Uber Eats is available in North America, Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. See here to get more cities in details.

Compared with Uber Eats, Postmates supports a relatively small number of cities. Postmates is trying to expand its city range. See here to know which city Postmates supports.

Uber Eats VS Postmates: Driver Requirements

To show care to customers, both companies require a background check for every single driver. Uber Eats accepts car, scooter, and bike delivery while Postmates has no car requirement.

Uber Eats Driver Requirements

1. Car Delivery:

  • One year experience driving in the US
  • Must be 19 and above
  • Valid driver’s license and insurance cover
  • A two or four-door car manufactured after 1998

2. Scooter Delivery:

  • Must be a two-wheel scooter
  • The motor must be 50cc
  • Ride with a speed of 30 mph or less

3. Bike Delivery:

  • Must have an ID issued by the State
  • Must be 18 years or older

PS: Not all locations accept bike delivery.

Postmates Driver Requirements

  • 18 years and above
  • Any car
  • You must undergo a background check

Uber Eats VS Postmates: Who Is the Winner?

“Should I use Uber Eats for my food delivery?” Why not? Uber Eats delivers hot and fresh food in a time frame you can track. And for the driver, Uber Eats will make for you some bucks. How about Postmates? Yes, you can give it a shot as well. Even though Postmates has bugs, it can still satisfy your hunger needs when all you got is cash at hand and no money in your credit card.

How about drivers? The food delivery market is not only something that customers are enjoying but a lucrative market for almost anyone (stay-at-home moms, students, the jobless and almost just anyone) to earn an extra few bucks. If you have free time on your hands and are looking to earn some money, you can carefully study the requirements for both apps and see which best suits you and go ahead and start delivering.

To sum up, there is no clear winner between Uber Eats and Postmates in food delivery fight.