Top 50 Free Stuff for College Students

Going to college is an expensive affair. The tuition fees are skyrocketing, and since you’ll be staying away from your parents, you have to put in money for the dormitory or an apartment. Let’s not forget the minor expenses like stationery and study material, new clothes, and traveling expenses. You’ll be glad to know that many websites like Cashbackbase and stores offer free stuff for college students.


Let’s take a look at 50 free stuff college students can get:


Free School Supplies and Tools for College Students

1. Amazon Student

When you sign up on Amazon Student, you get six months of free membership along with free two-day delivery and $10 credit every time a friend joins using your referral code. The best part is, there isn’t a limit to the credit amount, so you can refer it to as many friends as you want.

After the six months are over, you are given 50 percent off while joining Amazon Prime.

You are eligible for all benefits provided by Amazon Prime including free shipping, free two-hour local delivery, crazy Alexa deals, unlimited video streaming, access to deals 30 minutes before they are made public, and unlimited photo storage. You can sign up here.

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2. Printing

When it comes to printing, you can save money in two ways. When your professor asks for an assignment, ask him if you can submit a soft copy.

If they allow it, simply use your internet or college’s free WiFi to transfer the digital document.

In case, that isn’t allowed, you can take advantage of the technology fee you pay and check with the student union, the libraries where you can print your assignment for free.

There is a daily limit on the number of pages that are printed for free, so make sure you are first one in the morning to get a printout.


3. Autodesk Software

Students belonging to the field of architecture, engineering, interior design, or graphic design have to invest an extra amount of money in buying software.

Rather than buying software, students resort to illegal downloads, which can get them in trouble.

You can instead make an account on Autodesk Software, which gives you more than 57 programs absolutely free when you sign up using your .edu email ID.

Some of the software that you get for free via Autodesk Software are Inventor Professional, 3d MAX, Fusion 360, Maya, Flow Design, Netfabb Local Simulation, Vault Professional Client, Robot Structural Analysis Professional, and AutoCAD.


4. Microsoft Software

Bill Gates has always supported education, which can be seen through his non-profit organization’s extensive work in bringing education to the most rural parts of the world.

Microsoft also gives away its software in premium version for free including Microsoft Office Suite and Visual Studio Professional suite.

To get free access to the premium software, you should sign up on the website using your .edu email ID.

Microsoft also hosts a competition called ‘Imagine Cup’, which is an international student technology competition. The team that reaches the finals wins a trip to Seattle to meet Bill Gates.


5. Welcome Back Events

Bookstores in the college campus and surrounding area often host welcome back events for students returning to the campus for the fall session and freshmen. Not all bookstores give away free stationery and study materials, but you get massive discounts.

These events usually take place in the first week of September, so settle in your college dorm a week before college starts and stock up on stationery for the entire year.

They also give free goodies to the first 50 or 100 visitors, which includes some files, pens, journals, and highlighters. Some college bookstores host free buffets for the students, which includes all their favorites like pizza and pasta.


6. Free Food on Campus

College canteens don’t directly give free foods, but if you join different clubs in the college, you might hit the jackpot. Colleges don’t charge you anything to join clubs, and you don’t need to attend the meetings every time.

Even if you attend one meeting in a week, you save as much as $50 off your food budget as food is served at the end of every meeting.

If you join two clubs, you save as much as $100 of money, which you can save up and buy a second-hand car. Make sure that attending clubs doesn’t affect your academic record and that you enjoy both of them equally well.


7. Gym Membership

Gym memberships
Most colleges come with a recreation center that has a gym, which is completely free to use. Sign up the day you get your college ID and take every benefit possible. Afternoons and evenings at the gym are usually crowded, so go to the gym in the mornings before lectures begin.

The treadmills, free weights, and other equipment are completely free to use and so are the fitness and yoga meditation sessions.

Gyms regularly host these sessions to help students cope up with stress. Off-campus gyms offer memberships to students at discounted rates.

Don’t choose a gym that’s too far because your tight schedule might not allow it.


Free Entertainment for College Students

8. Free Soda

Stay away from soda as much as possible because it contains an insane amount of sugar, which can lead to acne and weight gain. That doesn’t mean you don’t indulge in guilty pleasures once or twice a month.

Chick-Fil-A and Chipotle offer free soda to students when they show their valid college or university student ID.

9. Washington Post

Washington Post is one of the best newspapers in the United States. If you like reading the newspaper while having your morning coffee or before the class begins, then you can use your .edu email ID to get free digital access to Washington Post.

If you have subscribed to Amazon Prime, then you eligible for it as well.


10. Movies

Many college and university campuses host movie nights across the United States. They have a great collection of iconic movies and also show recent movies. The dates are mentioned on your campus events calendar.

Do it the old school way by taking someone on a date to the free movie screening and eat popcorn and hot dog together.


11. Free Museum Admission

Museums allow people with a valid college or university student ID to visit free on some days of the week.

The timings and weekdays are mentioned on their websites. Museums that allow students to visit for free include Philadelphia Museum of Art and Boston Museum of Fine Art.


12. Sport Event Tickets

Colleges offer a limited number of free tickets for a local sports event.

These tickets are given away in almost no time, so if you are interested in attending some sports event, look into the college events calendar and get it as soon as the counter opens. Some even provide free transport to the event and back.


Free Clothing for College Students

Free Furniture for College Students

Free Electronics for College Students

FreeTextbooks for College Students

Free Magazines for College Students

Other Free Stuff for College Students

39. Checking Accounts

Many colleges offer free savings and checking accounts to students without any membership costs. Check with your student union if your college does. A checking account helps in building a strong financial foundation.

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40. Health Insurance

If you are still below 26 years, you can stay under your parents’ health insurance.


41. Bitcoin

Coinbase offers $10 worth bitcoins when you sign up using your .edu email ID. You earn $1 every time someone signs up using your referral code or link. Current market value of a bitcoin is $7428, so making an early investment will pay off well in a couple of years.


42. International Travel Insurance

Studying as an international student has its perks as you get the International Student Identity Card that covers basic travel insurance features while traveling abroad.


43. Taxes

Attach receipts of grant money spent on university fees, textbooks, and tuition to Form 1042-S. International students from India and China get extra tax benefits because of a treaty between the two countries and the US.


44. Tax Preparation

Many colleges and universities offer free tax preparation services to students.


45. Tuition

On-campus jobs don’t pay well but they off a great amount of tuition waiver.


46. Counseling and Stress Management Services

Colleges offer on-campus free counseling services that help you to manage stress and homesickness.


47. Social Media Freebies

Use your .edu email to log into Sumpto. Stay active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and keep free goodies flowing in. Famous companies that give away freebies include Chobani, Red Bull, and Party City.


48. FedEx

FedEx gives 15 to 20 percent off when you show your student ID.


49. Spotify

Spotify gives a generous 50 percent discount when you sign up using your .edu email ID.


50. Sam’s Club

Every time you renew a subscription at Sam’s Club, you receive a $15 gift card.

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Living a student life is difficult but with these 50 ways will help in dealing with it. Take complete advantage of the benefits and discounts you get without feeling embarrassed or awkward because they are made especially to help students.

Don’t forget to enjoy every little part of your student life because it is never coming back.

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