Top 30 Cool Things to Buy for Your Room

Decorating your room with cool things is beneficial to everyday life. You can be much more productive just by keeping some awesome things in your room. People will see that you’re using the things for normal use, but you can actually do more with the things.

In this article, we’ve brought 30 such types of things that can make your room an ultra-modern one. So, let’s check them out.

Top 30 Cool Things to Buy for Your Room

Without any further ado, we’re taking you to the main list of today’s cool things.

Here, we’ve made two lists – one is for the top 10 cool things and the other one is for the rest of the 20 cool things.

Top 10 Cool Things to Buy for Your Room

1. Cutout Blackout Skyline Curtains

How about hiding your windows with some artistic curtains? These irresistible curtains are so nice that hardly anyone of you might be able to resist yourself from having them. When you cover your windows with these exciting curtains, you’ll see awesome sceneries because the natural light tries to peep through the tiny holes of the curtains. A Ukrainian company, HoleRoll, has really done an amazing work on the Cutout Blackout Skyline Curtains. So, if you want to give a unique look to your room, then there’s hardly any other option available other than using these curtains.

2. Ivation Self-Inflatable Blow Up Bed

Are you afraid of inviting your guests only because you don’t have enough space in your room for them? Don’t worry anymore! Yes, from now on you can invite them since Ivation has given a nice solution. It has brought its self-inflatable blow-up bed which can be installed in no time. The high-quality mattress of the bed can make your sleep much more enjoyable. When it’s not in use, just fold and keep it inside its case. That’s it, no big deal. You can take the folding bed when you’re on a trip because the whole unit weighs less than 50 lbs.

3. Multi-Tasking Smart Side Table

You have heard the name of smartphone, smart watch, smart TV etc, but have you ever heard the name of smart side table? The Multi-Tasking Smart Side Table is such a technologically advanced table that can do too much for you! Yes, the tiny fridge of the table can serve you bottles full of cold water when you’re thirsty. Or it can provide you with an ample amount of light when you wake up because of nature’s call or any other reason. What’s more? The smart table can bring a nice sunrise effect early in the morning if you sync it with your alarm clock.

4. Slumbersofa Duo Sofa Bunk Bed

Living in a small room where you need both a sofa and a bed? Don’t worry my dear! You can have an unbelievable sofa that can be turned into two beds as well. You’ll badly need this kind of “OMG!” type of sofa cum bed when you can’t accommodate your kids well. Not only your kids but also two adult people can give a sound sleep on the beds. This convertible sofa is very nice-looking and nobody could understand this as a convertible sofa. The quality materials used on the sofa are worthy of praise and you can set the sofa in your drawing room without any hesitation.

5. Posture Correction Pillow

It’s very painful when you wake up with neck pain, isn’t it? Neck pain lasts for a long time and is very much irritating. There might be several reasons for the muscle pain in the neck, but the most common reason for this is your bad posture during sleeping. Are you wondering how to solve this problem? No matter what your sleeping position is, you can use the Posture Correction Pillow. The pillow will not only give you a healthy sleep but also give a nice look to your room because of its nice shape. So, why not try the pillow tonight? Hope you won’t miss this!

6. Fun Custom Stickers

Cool bedroom custom stickers

Are the walls in your room old? Or do you feel that white walls are monotonous? While painting may not be environmentally friendly, the workload is relatively large. How about customizing some unique wall stickers for your bedroom? No matter what style you like, as long as you provide your ideas or creative images, Customsticker can help you realize your custom wall sticker ideas. You can not only put stickers on the wall but also stickers anywhere you want. Your room will be in a new look with these stickers.

7. Wooden Bedside Utility Storage Box Lamp

Keeping a bedside table looks old fashioned. What can you do instead? Well, you can keep the Wooden Bedside Utility Storage Box Lamp beside your bed that can be filled up with your necessary items such as your sunglasses, mobile phone, watch, etc. If you use this stuff, you won’t have to keep an additional table lamp because the whole set comes up with a nicely shaped lamp with it. The wood made lamp unit can give a nice vintage look to your room. So, if you want a different touch in your room, then go and get this nice stuff without making any delay.

8. Bedside Moon Lamp

If a boyfriend tells his girlfriend that he can catch the moon for her, could the boy ever do this? Most of you’ll say no, but we say yes! Yes, the boy could catch the moon for her girlfriend if he wishes. Hey, we’re not kidding because there’s bedside moon lamp that can be grabbed by anyone who’ll order it. The mini bedside lamp is moon shaped and looks nice when it’s lightened up. If you look at the vibrant light of the moon lamp, you’ll feel like you’re looking at the original moon that can be seen only at night time.

9. Privacy Pop Bed Tent

The name of this tent is enough to let you know its purpose! Yes, if you want to go private, then this bed tent is a must-have thing for you. When it comes to sharing your room with other people, you may want some privacy from time to time. If you want to do something alone when there’s someone present in your room, then this stuff is perfect for you. The ultra-portable tent can be installed and taken anywhere with you comfortably. So, when do you wish to read your favorite book alone? Just pull the Privacy Pop Bed Tent that time and jump into your own private world.

10. Parisot Space Up Bed Closet

What to do when your room isn’t that spacious? In this situation, you’ll try to fill up your room with less number of furniture, won’t you? Don’t worry because you can bring an exciting two-person bed to your room that can be used for different purposes. On the mattress, you can lie down and at daytime or whenever you want you can do many more things just by lifting the mattress up. You’ll surely say “wow!” after doing so because there are layers after layers available under the mattress. There are different shelves for keeping different things such as your shoes, clothes etc.

11. Batman Bookshelf

How about hanging a bookshelf on your wall that becomes a great showpiece? Fantastic, right? Yes, we’re talking about the Batman Bookshelf that has two parts in it. The two parts are the two wings of a bat. Since the two parts separate, you can manage the distance between them. If you wish, you can place the wings side by side without keeping any space between them or you can place them keeping a little distance. This looks nice when it’s fixed on a wall. The bookshelf is made of high quality wood and can be painted with the color as per your wish.

Other 20 Cool Things to Buy for Your Room

10 Creative Ideas to Make Your Room Cool

You’ll feel dull if there’s no creativity seen in your room. So, it’s quite necessary to decorate your room with creative things so that you can feel wow while living in the room. This won’t cost you more money. What’s more, some creative ideas can turn your boring room into a pretty cool one as well.

Here are 10 creative ideas you can apply to your room in order to make it a fun place.

  1. Write some cool words on a paper using a marker and stick it on one of your walls.
  2. Sketch something on your own and hang it anywhere inside your room.
  3. Keep a lightweight rocking chair on a corner of your room for relaxation as well as creative look.
  4. Paint a window on one of your walls (try to make it look similar to the other windows of your room).
  5. Paint one of your room’s walls with beautiful scenery.
  6. Hang money plant from the roof of your room.
  7. Paint a nighttime sky with moon and stars on the ceiling of your room.
  8. Stick exclusive 3D wallpaper on your walls.
  9. Bring some old coins and stick them on some portions of the walls of your room with glue.
  10. You can hang any of your own arts.


Make good use of these 30 cool things, and these 10 creative ideas to make your room more attractive and cooler.

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