If you are a frequent Target shopper, you are missing out on a lot of benefits if you don’t have the Target RED Card. Not only do you get discounts but also free shipping, which is amazing if you are a new mother or work round the clock and don’t have time to go to the grocery store. You don’t have to pay any additional joining or annual fees, so you not losing out on anything.

What Is Target Red Card?

Target offers three very different and unique cards including Target REDcard™ Debit Card, Target REDcard™ Mastercard, and Target REDcard™ Credit Card. Each of them offers the same benefits and is excellent choices for those who spend a lot at Target. If you run a business and constantly need stationery and other things for it, we totally recommend you to get any of the three cards.

The only difference between the credit and debit card is the same as any other regular cards. To get the cards, you will have to link it with your checking account. You can complete the application either by visiting your nearest store or via mail.

Introduction to Target Red Card Benefits

All Target card holders are eligible for Target red card benefits mentioned below:


1. 5% off Every Day

Every time you shop at a Target store or online, you get a five percent discount. This is above the store or online discounts that you get without having any of the three cards. You will get the five percent discount only when you use a Target RED Card. If you pay half of the money using another card, you can avail the discount only on the products you purchased using the card and not all the entire amount. You also get five percent discount for purchases made at Starbucks inside Target stores. The retail chain alters the terms any time according to their convenience.

However, certain items aren’t eligible for the five percent discounts. These include:

  1. Over-the-counter items and prescriptions sold at clinic services and the pharmacy counter at Target stores
  2. Eye exams at Target Optical
  3. Gift cards and prepaid cards sold by Target and Stockpile and Gift of College
  4. Purchases made before getting the card or anywhere else other than Target
  5. Restaurants inside Target stores, which include Pret A Manger and D’Amico & Sons Italian Kitchen
  6. Target credit card payments, Target Mastercard cash advances, and Target Debit Card cash back
  7. Gift wrapping
  8. Shipping and delivery charges for purchases made through Target.com
  9. Wireless protection program and deposits made to mobile phone carriers
  10. Anything else that is prohibited by law

2. Target Red Card Free Shipping (REDcard Free 2-Day Shipping)

When you shop on Target.com and make the full payment using your Target RED Card, you are eligible for free two-day shipping. Remember, that you are eligible for free shipping only if your checkout cost is $35 or higher.

Not all items qualify for it but the usual ones that all of us regularly purchase do. Which item is eligible and which isn’t depends on your ZIP code. Target mentions on the website whether a particular product offers a two-day delivery or not. Remaining products will be delivered to you according to the schedule. They are delivered for free as well.

The two-day shipping works a little differently if you order on Saturday or Sunday. Instead of receiving the products on Monday or Tuesday, they are delivered on Wednesday. Also, Target has an order cut-off time. This means, if you order after 12 pm, you’ll get the delivery after three days and not two. For instance, if you order on Monday at 1 pm, it will be delivered on a Thursday. If you order at 10 am on Monday, it will reach you on Wednesday.

We feel that Target red card free shipping is the biggest advantage the cards offer because as a busy mum or full-time worker, you might not get enough time to visit the store and get the groceries.

3. Extended Returns

Once you are a Target RED card holder, you get an extra returns period of 30 days over the standard return policy, which differs from product to product. All three cards are eligible for this benefit. Certain products don’t come to this policy, including mobile phone purchases at Target, products that have a fixed return date, and products that can’t be returned.

Other conditions of Target’s policy remains the same. You need the receipt as a proof. Either the money will be refunded to your account, or you’ll have to purchase something else in return. If the product exceeds the exchange cost, you will have to pay the overhead cost.

4. Early Access

Getting the Target RED Card makes you an Early Access member, so you’ll never have to worry about the Halloween decoration that was sold out last year. Not all cardholders get access every time because they are selected randomly, but there’s still a chance you’ll get access to all new introductions.

If you are a regular buyer, the chances of your getting the special access are higher. Your geographical location also plays a major role in deciding who gets the access. A mail is usually sent to you, so you can click on it and get access to the products online. The early access feature is only available on online purchases currently.

5. Exclusive Extras

On every anniversary of your card, the primary holder gets special discounts. Make sure you sign up for marketing campaigns and newsletters to be eligible for it. Everyone gets these discounts. Also, you get special discounts when Target RED program completes its anniversary, but the offering is different from person to person.

If you are a regular shopper, you get a higher discount. Target, sometimes, offers gifts when you purchase certain products, so keep an eye out for them as well. For example, you get a $10 Target gift card if you purchase $50 worth diapers and wipers or $40 worth apparel.

6. Even more savings

When your very first bill is $100, which you pay using the Target RED Card, you get $25 coupon, which is mailed to the e-mail ID that you entered in the card application form.

This offer isn’t valid on DSLR cameras and lenses, clinic and pharmacy, Apple products, alcohol, Elf on the Shelf, gift cards, Bose, dairy milk, GoPro, mobile contracts, JBL, Google Home/Mini/Max, LEGO, LG OLED TV, and other product lines as mentioned on the Target website.

We know, it seems a lot but there are still a lot of many products, which include chocolates, apparel, fresh produce, juice, eggs, and decor that you can available the benefit on.

Pros and Cons of Target Red Cards

We went through Target red card review by expert and those of Target customers with RED Cards and want to share with you a list of pros and cons to help you decide if you want the card or not.

Here are the pros:

  1. Five percent discount on almost all purchases
  2. Special discounts and gifts on card anniversary and RED anniversary
  3. Free two-day shipping on purchases over $35
  4. The extended return period of 30 days
  5. No annual fee
  6. Early access to online offers and new product line introductions
  7. User-friendly mobile app and website to get outstanding balance and new offers
  8. Sign-up bonus coupon of $25 when you shop for $100

Here are the cons:

  1. High APR of 24.65 percent on purchases
  2. You have to pay a fee of $38 for late credit card payment
  3. A lot of brands and product types are excluded from the special benefit program
  4. Confusing free-shipping policy
  5. You have to pay a returned payments fee of $27
  6. Weekend delivery not available

Verdict: Is Target Red Card Worth It?

Considering many features offered and the pros and cons of the Target RED Cards, we highly recommend you get any of the three. They are worth it because of the five percent discount and free shipping.

It is a MasterCard, and you get an interest-free period of up to 25 days. Moreover, you can sign up for Target’s Cartwheel app to get extra discounts of five to 10 percent.


When you purchase products over $35 online, you get two-day free delivery. On the downside, the high APR and late payment fee can be hurting. But if you handle your finances well, you won’t have to face any issues.

FAQ About Target Red Cards

1. What should I know before applying for Target Red Card?
The very first thing you should know before applying for the Target RED Card is the high APR of 24.65 percent on the credit card. It has no joining or annual fee, so you are not investing anything but only reaping benefits.

2. How to apply for a Target Red Card?
You can visit your nearest Target store or fill an online application form on Target’s website to apply for any of the three RED Cards.

3. How long will it take to get my Target Red Card?
Approval may take up to 10 working days. Once it is approved, it takes another seven to 10 working days for the card to deliver to your home or office address.