Craigslist is an online site used for selling things – all kinds of things – and is perhaps the best known classified-type selling community on the planet. It isn’t the only option though. Whether you use Craigslist as well as these other options, or you find another option that suits you better than Craigslist, and use that one only, you will benefit from knowing what’s out there.


Top 10 Sites like Craigslist to Sell and Buy Stuff

Take a look at these 10 great sites like Craigslist, and find the ones that best suit your style and needs.

1. LetGo

The first thing you’ll notice with LetGo is the array of big thumbnail images. You can add filter settings to zoom in on what you want as a buyer. If you’re selling, you’ll want to make sure you use good keywords and tags so that customers will be able to find what you have for sale.


You can even use the in-app chat platform to communicate with buyers and sellers. A quick question might save you a lot of time and effort – and might be the detail that helps you make that sale.


2. Geebo

You may not have heard of Geebo, but it’s been around a long time, and is a solid player in the online buying and selling community.


Geebo is well-designed, colorful and organized, which makes it easy to use. It is limited to the United States, but unless you are hoping to sell and ship your items to other countries, this probably isn’t a big deal for you.

Geebo claims to be safer than other classifieds companies, but in reality, it is much the same. Keeping safe and not getting ripped off is still mostly up to you – so be sure to look over our tips section below!


3. Oodle Marketplace

Oodle works much the same as Craigslist does, but connects to your Facebook profile. You don’t have to use Facebook to post your items, but the fact that it requires a genuine Facebook account may make it less susceptible to scams.


A lot is going on, on Oodle, not just buying and selling, so it can get confusing for some people. Others like the design though, so it’s up to you if it is a good fit or not.

Oodle can help connect local buyers and sellers, in the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and India.


4. has been around almost as long as Craigslist, and has also developed from simple buying and selling to ads that include all kinds of jobs and services.


When you begin on the site, the ad won’t be optimized for your region, but each one can be set to focus on particular zip code, so if you’re buying or selling locally, it will do the job you want. Advanced searching allows you to look for local items too, and you can set up an alert so you’ll be quick to jump on great deals offered by others.

You can even rate buyers and sellers – as they rate you. There is a shopping cart feature too, so you can load up with your treasures and pay a single time for them.


5. Locanto

Instead of starting with a list of ads from all over the nation (or even the world), Locanto focuses on putting together local buyers and sellers – right from the beginning.


It includes items, but also lists services like babysitting, and advertisements for available jobs.

The ads look and feel like a classifieds section from a local newspaper. Ads can include images and links though, as well as text content, and will remain posted for a whopping sixty days! The style may be vintage, but the service takes advantage of today’s technology.


6. Offer Up

Offer Up is great for people who are selling services or larger items. The search features allow each buyer to enter a city or zip code to begin with, but also lets them set how far from that center to search. If you’re only willing to travel within a few miles, you can limit your search to that area. If you’re willing to travel an hour or two for a special item, you can search a little wider.


All kinds of items are listed on Offer Up, and there are no fees for listing or for selling – that’s a tough deal to beat!


7. GumTree

GumTree is well known in the UK, and has been growing in popularity in the United States as well as other countries, like Australia and South Africa.

GumTree allows you to limit searches to particular geographic areas, so you can search for local items, and local buyers can search for what you may have for sale. Not limited to this though, a buyer in Australia might want what you have on offer, and be happy to pay the shipping involved.


GumTree includes ads for all kinds of goods and services.


8. US Free Ads

Another service that’s been around about as long as Craigslist, is US Free Ads. They offer ads within most categories as well, and you can zero in on particular areas for local buying and selling.


The design is not very flashy – it hasn’t changed much since the site began, twenty years ago – but it functions well enough. It’s a simple, straightforward way to reach a few more potential customers.


9. Penny Saver USA

While many online classified suppliers were inspired by Craigslist, Penny Saver USA has been around for fifty years, and made the transition from paper to digital – no small feat!


More than a million unique visitors use Penny Saver USA each month, and it includes a wide variety of categories, not just items for sale.


10. AdLandPro

AdLandPro is just one site, but it’s linked to 57,000 affiliate sites!

It allows you to post up to twenty ads at no charge, but if you need more than that, you will have to pay a small fee.


Each ad automatically stays up for four weeks, but there is a trick to keeping it up for as long as you want to: Make a change to it before the four weeks are up, and AdLandPro resets the clock!

Almost any category of ad can be found on this site – you can even buy or sell online lessons!


2 Tips for Using These Craigslist Alternatives

1. Effective Ads

Use a brief, catchy title that tells what is for sale, and catches attention. Make sure your descriptions are accurate, even if there is damage, and that pictures show each view of the item, including any damaged parts, with a clear, uncluttered background. Pictures should be in focus, bright – but not washed-out – and the item should be clean and ready to move, if possible.

You may be tempted to show an item of furniture how you are using it, but it’s usually better to let the buyer imagine their own use of it, and show it uncluttered instead.

2. Safety

Whether you’re using Craigslist, or these excellent alternatives, it is always important to keep your physical and financial safety in mind.

First, never meet someone at your home to exchange money for items, even if they are large items, like furniture.

Always bring someone else along when you go to meet someone to exchange funds and items. Meet in a busy, public place, preferably where there are security guards nearby, like in a mall or even a bank. Let someone else know where you are going, and when you’ll be back.

It’s best to deal in cash only, and even cashiers’ checks can be forged, and your bank won’t know this until too late – they will charge you the money back. Never give out credit or debit card information either, as this can be used to buy other items without your immediate knowledge.

Before making a payment, check the item over. If it is an electronic device, turn it on and test it. Check for damage on furniture, making sure drawers work, locks work, and there isn’t any mold or rot hidden behind or underneath the item. Don’t be embarrassed to do this either. In a store you would have guarantees, so even if you neglected to check over an item, you could get your money back if there is a flaw. When buying privately, most sales are final, so forgetting to inspect the item well may mean you’ve wasted your money on junk.


Whether you use one or more of these great sites in addition to Craigslist, or instead of it, you now have the knowledge to get out there and sell – or buy – whatever you’d like to. Find the options that work best for you and your preferences, find the market that buys or sells what you have or need, and apply our useful tips to make the experience as easy and valuable as possible.

Craigslist was a groundbreaking development, and now, more than twenty years after it began, there is a whole range of great variations on buying and selling using an online platform. Find and use your favorites today.


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