You might have heard of ShopTracker if you often shop on Amazon. ShopTracker app helps Amazon to make your life a lot easier while shopping and pays you for sharing your shopping information with them! Here is an honest ShopTracker review that will guide you in making your decision on whether to join ShopTracker or not.

What Is ShopTracker?

ShopTracker is an app that pays you money for collecting your Amazon purchase information. ShopTracker pays you and then takes your information and sales it to Amazon so that Amazon can use it to provide a better shopping experience for you and other Amazon shoppers.

In other words, ShopTracker is a marketplace research app that helps e-commerce sites such as Amazon improve their services for shoppers.

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Are You Eligible for Using ShopTracker?

You are eligible for using ShopTracker when:

  1. You must be living in the US
  2. You should be 18 years and above
  3. You MUST have an Amazon account that you have used for more than 1 month
  4. You should be eligible to download the Shoptracker app and must agree to its terms of use.

Why Would ShopTracker Pay You?

Like I said earlier, ShopTracker pays you for collecting your shopping experience and sharing it with Amazon. This doesn’t mean that your information is used in any wrong way. ShopTracker will usually ask questions that help Amazon understand whether you enjoy their service or if there are areas they should improve. The questions they ask also help Amazon understand what marketing and distribution strategies they should use to best serve its customers.

It’s a win-win for everyone! ShopTracker gets incomes for collecting the information, Amazon improves the service and so gets more shoppers using their site and you the shopper gets a better shopping experience and gets paid by ShopTracker for sharing your information.

How Much Can You Earn with ShopTracker?

You will earn an immediate $3 visa gift card after signing up for ShopTracker and then you get $36 per year for sharing your purchase experience.

You can sync 3 Amazon accounts with ShopTracker and provide information for all 3 of them which makes you earn an equal amount from each of the accounts.

Every month if you fill in the short survey ShopTracker sends you, $3 is sent to your account. If you have synced 3 accounts, then $9 is sent to you.

You will earn this money every month, every year, for as long as you want. The only way to stop earning is by uninstalling the ShopTracker app from your device.

Long story short, you will be rolling in $108 lazy money from ShopTracker every year without working your ass or paying a dime to get it!

Oh, and just like that you would feel good using a green product because you know the manufacturer is not harming the environment, it will feel good to know that you are improving someone’s online shopping experience to be less time-consuming and less tiresome, and smoother and enjoyable with just a few clicks!

Simple Guide to ShopTracker Usage


Go to the ShopTracker website and register. While on the site, you will be asked basic personal questions such as your name, gender and birth date. Once you have these filled in, you are then given a simple survey where you must register your email address to start the survey. This is partly because you will also get paid through your email.

Install the App

Now it’s time to install the ShopTracker app. Go to Google store or the App Store and search for “Harris panel”. Don’t forget: the app is not listed as ShopTracker in the store, but it’s called “Harris panel”. Got this? Great!

Now to successfully install on a PC, you need to be using windows 7. If you are using Windows XP, you won’t be able to use the app on your desktop. The better option you have is to use your smartphone.

Tadah! The download should be complete by now! It doesn’t take more than 5 secs.

Log-in to Amazon and Sync Your Account

So, at this point, you have registered, and have already received your $3 visa gift card by doing a less than one minute survey, and now it’s time to just seal it up so that you keep on receiving your money every month. Remember you can’t register for ShopTracker if you don’t have an Amazon account. And it can’t be a new account. It must be an account that has at least one month’s purchase history.

So, I am assuming you are logging into your old Amazon account. Once you are in, follow the simple instructions on the app and sync your account. Each month, you will be given a short survey, and once you fill it, $3 will be paid to you.

What Information Does ShopTracker Collect?

On top of the shallow personal information (your gender, birthdate, and name) they ask, ShopTracker will request for shopping related information from you. If they had to, they wouldn’t even ask for any of this Information but they need to know your name so that they can address you with respect.

They also need to know your age for Amazon to have a clear idea that how many people in your age group need a particular product so that next time they have enough of that product available. They also want to know whether your shopping experience was generally easy.

Typical questions may look like this:

  1. Why did you choose to purchase this product and not from the alternative company?
  2. Before completing the purchase, did you have any unanswered questions or hesitation?
  3. What could have nearly stopped you from purchasing?
  4. Is there anything you would like us to know?

ShopTracker Review Summary

When anyone hears that an app can pay them to shop, they don’t give it a second eye thinking it’s some manipulative system or a get rich quick scam trying to get rich off them, and they are right as there are a lot of scammer apps out there that will ask you for money or collect your information and sell it too spammy marketing sites.

So yes even though you want to have a good shopping experience and get paid, you must be careful! However, what makes ShopTracker legit is this: ShopTracker is owned by Harris Poll Online, a reputable online survey company that has been around since 1963. Harris Poll started ShopTracker business with the goal to create a better e-commerce.

Should I join ShopTracker? I would say yes! In this struggling economy, earning an almost free $103 each year can put a nice smoky, pastry or crusty dinner on the table in a beautiful restaurant for you. Or it can pay your garbage bill or any other bill so that you don’t have to toil a lot.

In fact, a wise idea would be that you and all your friends and relatives that shop from Amazon register for ShopTracker sync accounts, earn $103 each plan, put the money together and plan a big dinner with the money. Imagine if 10 of you joined, it wouldn’t just be a big dinner but you could even channel the money to do something greater like footing part of a simple wedding bill or something like that.

Alright, I’ve said a lot. Now it’s time to hear from you! Is ShopTracker something you would use? Why or why not? Leave your comment in the comment area.