Is ShopKick a better option for earning cash back? The ShopKick review gets you covered. Through this rewards app, you can receive points after performing one or more tasks you usually do on a regular basis.

You can also convert your points to gift cards. In this post, you will understand what this app means, how it works and other details that can assist you in making an informed decision. Read on!

What Is ShopKick and How Does ShopKick Work?


1. What Is ShopKick?

ShopKick is an app created in 2009 by an American company. It offers consumers a chance to get rewarded for doing simple things they do almost every day like shopping online or in-store. According to the company, the brain behind the app is to make everyday shopping not only more personal but rewarding.

You can also download and install the app without spending a single penny. Stay active while using the app to prevent kicks (rewards) from expiring which happens when an account remains dormant for six months or more.

2. How Does ShopKick Work?

The ShopKick app is available for Android and Apple devices. Through this app, you can earn points when you purchase merchandise promoted on the ShopKick app. And the good thing is that you can make points either by visiting the store in person to buy the merchandise or buying online.

However, the easiest way to earn kicks is through walk-ins. The only thing you would require is the app, and a Bluetooth enabled device to connect with the system in the store. Kicks are registered after purchase and added to your account. But this all happens when the store is still open. Also, you do not need to enter the store to purchase an item before earning.

What Are ShopKick Kicks (ShopKick Rewards) and How to Get ShopKick Rewards?


1. What Are ShopKick Kicks (ShopKick Rewards)?

The ShopKick app is designed to reward customers who purchase merchandise online or walking into a store in person to make a purchase. The reward or points you receive are called Kicks. And the kicks are also worth $0.004 per piece. However, you can redeem them for an extensive collection of gift cards once you have managed to earn a reasonable amount of points.

Also, know that you might not, in most cases, earn points by just walking by a store that supports the use of the app. You gain points whenever you walk into a store to purchase items or scan the barcode of such things. However, ShopKick stores have a unique device that emits an audible sound that only your phone can hear and understand. So the moment you walk into the store, you will receive your reward.

What you will find in any ShopKick review is that one Kick is equivalent to 4 cents. So, you are going to require 1,250 kicks before you can redeem a gift card worth $5. But the nature of the items involved can alter the rate at which you can redeem your gift card. Nevertheless, the minimum amount is 500 kicks or an equivalent of $2.

Besides gift cards, you can also redeem your points or kicks for physical gifts. You will find a vast collection of cards from prominent retailers like Walmart, Macy’s, and Disney, Crate and Barrel, Old Navy, Target, Lowes, Starbucks, Best Buy, Amazon and more. And while redeeming your gift card, you can exchange it for a physical item that is equivalent to the gift card you have. You will find things like bags, perfumes, electronics, clothing, Facebook credits, movie tickets, and more.

2. How to Get ShopKick Rewards?

Way #1: Enter a Store

You can earn Kicks (points) when you walk into a store that supports the ShopKick reward system. Through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the app will detect your location and award you some points quickly.

The number of times you can walk into a store to earn points has a limit. Once you exceed that limit, you will automatically enter the “cool down” period which would last for a couple of days before offers finally return. Note that you can only earn points if the store in question is running the program.

Way #2: Scan Specific Items

One exciting thing about the ShopKick app is that you can earn even without purchasing any item. Just open your app whenever you walk into any store that is supporting the program and select the merchandise you wish to scan from an extensive collection of items.

You can earn a considerable amount of points per scan. And even though you won’t end up being extremely wealthy when you eventually redeem your points, it feels great knowing that you can get a reward for something you will ultimately do every day.

Way #3: Link Your Credit Cards

There are many ways you can earn points from the ShopKick reward app. An effortless way is by linking your credit card to the application which you can quickly do from the interface. You will receive a bonus of 200 kicks once you connect your bank card to the app. And you will earn a reward of 200 points for downloading the app.

Way #4: Refer Friends to ShopKick

ShopKick also offers users the opportunity to earn points through their referral program. You will receive 50 percent of any amount of kicks your friends, family or anyone you referred earns for a specified period. In fact, this is one of the easiest ways of earning a considerable amount of money from this reward program.

Way #5: Make a Purchase

You can earn points by purchasing items when you walk into a store. After making payments, scan your receipt at once to earn yourself some kicks. But have in mind that the number of points you are going to receive will depend largely on the item you buy and nature of the store. So, check the app to find out before making a purchase.

Pros and Cons of ShopKick

Pros of ShopKick:

  • The app is easy to download and register.
  • Selection of rewards offered is large.
  • The app has a user-friendly interface.
  • You can earn points effortlessly.
  • Download and installation of the app is free.
  • You will receive adverts of products from different stores.
  • You can earn points even when you don’t make a purchase.

Cons of ShopKick:

  • The app can drain your battery.
  • The app can also consume your data whenever you forget to turn off the location services when not in use.
  • It takes time for one to accumulate a reasonable amount of points.
  • You only get to redeem your points for, not money. But you can use them to make an exchange for a physical item.
  • Not every store is running the program at the moment. But a large number of stores have started to key into it.

How Much Can I Earn with ShopKick?

Let’s take a broader look at what each point or Kick is worth. We will also be looking at the number of kicks you must earn to get gift cards.

Here are few things you need to understand while using ShopKick:

  1. You need a minimum of 500 Kicks to get a gift card.
  2. 250 Kicks will give you $1.00.

Earning for Scanning Items

Your earnings for the scanned item will depend on the offers available on the various stores that are under the program. But you have the potential of earning between 10 to 50 points with this task.

Scanning Your Receipts

Another way you can earn is by making a purchase and scanning your receipt. You also have the potential of making between 100 to 500 points, depending on the offers available at the different stores under the ShopKick reward program.

Bonus Tasks

ShopKick also offers you the opportunity to earn by watching video ads while using the app. You can make 5 kicks when you watch the short video adverts.

Linking a Credit Card to ShopKick

This is one of the simplest of all the tasks you have to do to earn with ShopKick. Just by connecting your credit card to the app, you can make about 200 points.

Referring Friends

You can earn as much as 2,500 kicks by referring friends to download and install the app on their devices. Usually, you will make 250 points by performing this task, so you need to get at least ten persons onboard to get 2,500 kicks which is equivalent to $10 worth of gift cards.

How to Redeem ShopKick Rewards?

The minimum amount of points that you need before you can pay out is 500 kicks, which is equivalent to $2. But it will largely depend on the gift card you want.

To redeem your rewards, log into your account and choose any of the awards of your choice by clicking the browse rewards icon. Select Starbuck if that is what you want and scroll down to find the option to redeem your rewards.

After clicking on the redeem rewards icon, you need to confirm that you are ready to redeem your points for a gift card. And make sure your email is correct before moving to the next stages.

Verdict: Is ShopKick Worth Your Time?

Buying items you definitely would need and be rewarded for that makes the whole shopKick thing interesting. You are also not spending money to download and use the application on your device. It is completely free.

Like many other apps, you might experience glitches while using ShopKick. Also, the poor customer service might even make you feel like quitting. It hurts, especially when you need help. But even though their replies might take time, the fact that you didn’t invest any money to be on the program makes it worth using.

Irrespective of the challenges above that you might face while using ShopKick, the app makes shopping more exciting. Of course, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme, so don’t expect to become wealthy through the program or quick your job for it.

It is a reward program that can also take longer for you to earn a reasonable amount of points which can be frustrating at times. But as long as you keep your account active and won’t be making any payment for app usage, ShopKick is worth the time and effort.