Amazon and Home Depot are big names of the home improvement industry but are most of the times unable to match the lowest price. Lowe’s, another home improvement company, will get you the lowest price you find anywhere both online and offline. Lowe’s strategic approach will allow you to enjoy the best prices.

What Is Lowe’s Price Match Policy?

The term price match simply means getting a particular cost to the consumer so that they are never short on budget. There are many ways that can be used by the consumer to get this kind of price. Whatever the case is Lowe’s will match the lowest of the prices that consumer will find on the internet.


There are tens of thousands of ads that are visited and revisited by the customer to get the best price. Lowe’s will make sure that the lowest price is matched and it is a guarantee. This is termed by the company as the price match guarantee.

Not all products and brands are included in the Lowes price match so the consumer should beware before choosing either of these. It is also important to note that there are no additional discounts that are added to it. For all online prices, the shipping or the delivery charges will be included.

Lowe’s is the only company that is allowing its customers to enjoy such a market perk regardless of the fact that the market has a cut-throat competition. With this kind of policy, Lowe’s is bound to raise the customer base in the coming days.

Does Lowe’s Price Match Amazon and Home Depot?

Lowes price match policy is just awesome and it is applicable to both Amazon and Home Depot. The fact of the matter is that the process a customer needs to follow is very simple and straightforward. For Amazon, the user just needs to take a print of the page of the product which also shows the price and Lowe’s will price match the product. There are some important aspects that are to be considered while initiating a request. First of all, the product should be Amazon listed and not sold by any third party. Secondly, Lowe’s should have no problem in matching the price.


The same process is applicable when it comes to Home Depot. Some items of this company are cheaper than Lowe’s and to match the price you just need to print out the page, visit the Lowe’s store and get the price match. There are other options such as showing the item price on the app or bringing in a photo that mentions the price. Home Depot is the biggest competitor of Lowe’s and therefore a slightly different approach is adopted by Lowes price match to capture the customers so that the sales can be enhanced.

What Other Retailers Does Lowe’s Price Match?

Besides Amazon and Home Depot, there are many other local brands as well that Lowe’s will price match. For Lowe’s customers, the choices are unlimited when it comes to price match policy. The process has also been simple so that the customers don’t have to revisit to get the item price. To get the price match Lowe’s must be able to validate the price of the item. For this, the other business should have a website where the price is verified and Lowe’s will then proceed with the normal process of price match. The price could be on the regular website section or it can be on an ad as well. After Lowe’s validates, you can enjoy Lowes price match.

There are some restrictions of Lowes price match as well. Third party sellers are not entertained and the price should there on the official website of the business. No auction sites are included in the list and such sites are not entertained at all. The ads can also be physical in nature and the customer can bring in the pamphlets as well. Whatever the case is the price should be the official one.

What Brands Doesn’t Lowe’s Price Match?

Keeping in view the trends and to conduct the business smoothly there are some brands which are not included within this policy. Lowe’s has chosen not to include the brands according to the economic rules, laws, and regulations which are not disclosed by the company. Within the match price policy, these brands are named as excluded brands. The brands which are enlisted as excluded brands within the Lowes price match policy are as follows:

  1. Dacor
  2. ICON
  3. Fisher
  4. Paykel
  5. Monogram
  6. Smeg
  7. Liebherr
  8. Weber and Kichler

If the item is related to any of the brands above then the Lowe’s will not entertain the customer and there will be no discount or match price for such commodities. It also shows that all items are not covered by the company so the customer needs to choose wisely to enjoy the price match policy of the company. The above-mentioned items are restricted and if there is a change Lowe’s will update the Lowes price match policy accordingly.

What Items Are Excluded from Price Match?

There are certain items that are also not included within the price match policy. Such items though not mentioned by Lowe’s but can be considered as excluded items. The closet sales, installation doors, clearance & refurbished items are not included in the list. The price match policy does not cover used items as well. The list of excluded items is as under for better understanding.

  1. Installation labor
  2. Clearance
  3. Closeouts
  4. Lumber
  5. Discontinued products
  6. Refurbished products
  7. Used or damaged items
  8. Competitor’s rebate offers
  9. Sales tax promotions
  10. Senior discounts
  11. Buy-one-get-one-free sales
  12. Advertising/pricing errors/misprints

Before moving forward to enjoy Lowes price match it is important that the customers check the list as the above-mentioned items will not be entertained. It is also important that the customers ask the price and the included rebates from the main company before visiting Lowe’s to avoid any inconvenience.

How to Request a Price Match at Lowe’s?

Lowe’s has a perfect customer support department that is always there to help the customers. First and the foremost, make sure that the item is qualified for price match policy. The company has a slogan that “Nobody Beats Our Prices, Nobody” so to come up to the expectations of the customers there are front desks at every Lowe’s store nationwide. The customer needs to visit the desk to initiate the process. or websites can also be used to enjoy Lowes price match. The customers also need to present the proof of the price to enjoy the policy. If you are visiting the websites then the price matches are entertained via chat or phone only.

In all such cases, the prices are validated through the website if the competitor to provide the customers with the rebate they are claiming. The best part of this policy is that the rebate is also offered in case the two Lowe’s stores have the significant price difference. The price policy has been designed in such a manner to cater all the customers irrespective of their brand association.

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What Qualifies as Proof of a Price When Requesting a Price Match?

A valid advertisement and its printed copy or photocopy is a valid proof of the price that is being charged. If for some reason the customer is not able to present such proof then the digital form of such ads is also accepted by Lowe’s. In both of the cases, the price is validated before providing the rebate to the customer. If the price is found online then it is important that the web address is communicated or the mobile phone is presented for the validation. or can also be used to claim the lowest price and a customer services representative will validate the price using the Lowe’s systems. Such requests are validated and entertained over the phone line. The price will include all the shipping charges as well. If the price is mentioned as $20 for the product and $5 for the shipping then Lowe’s will consider $25 as the lowest price.


It is important to note that all the mechanisms should be followed to make sure that Lowes price match policy is enjoyed. The process has been made very simple for the customers so that everyone can enjoy it. The excluded brands, as well as the excluded items, should be considered. The customers also need to present a valid proof of price to enjoy the rebate.

The terms and conditions are pretty straightforward and therefore it is very important that the customers follow the guidelines completely. The best part of this policy is that the Lowe’s own products and stores are under the umbrella of the policy. It means that if a Lowe’s store is offering a low price than any other branch then this policy is applicable to the fullest and same regulations are applied.

Lowe’s is one of the best brands and it will continue to thrive if such policies are introduced and revamped with the passage of time.