Looking for more clothing options without the massive price tag? Or just want to save space in your wardrobe whilst always looking on trend? Le Tote offers you a fabulous way to stay stylish and look gorgeous without having to go shopping every week!

What Is Le Tote?

Le Tote is a personalized clothing rental service, which allows you to pick from a selection of clothing, listed by occasion, and have it all posted right to your door!

You can then wear the clothing as often as you like, for as long as you want, before posting it back in a pre-paid envelope ready to receive your next selection.


As the clothing is chosen by you, you can be sure that you’ll love it, and if you can’t bear to part with it at the end of your rental Le Tote offers up to 50% off the retail price for members.

You don’t even need to wash the clothes before you send them back, as Le Tote handles all of that at their end, saving you time and money as well as saving the environment!

With thousands of new styles added to the range all the time, you’ll pick from the hottest, freshest looks every time you choose a new tote.

Le Tote offers an accessories membership which can be tied in with your clothing rental, or rented separately for those who already love their wardrobe, but need the inspiration to accessorize. A maternity membership is a perfect way to get a temporary baby wardrobe, which you can give back once your baby has arrived!

Pros and Cons of Le Tote


    1. Save time and money on laundry costs

Le Tote is happy to take back the clothing that you’ve worn unwashed so that they can get it up to standard before sending it out again. Unless you want to wear the items again and again, you should save plenty of money on laundry and dry cleaning.

    1. Try new things

No one wants to spend a lot of money on something that they aren’t 100% sure about, but often that’s the way you find new styles that make you look and feel amazing. Because you don’t own the clothing sent out by Le Tote, and it’s only with you until your next tote, you can be a bit more adventurous in your choices. After all, what have you got to lose?

    1. Environmentally-friendly

Clothes rental means that clothing goes much further. Rather than being worn once or twice and then discarded, when you’re tired of it it can go to someone else who will love it just as much as you did. Also, as Le Tote is washing and preparing clothing altogether, it saves each individual person doing their individual laundry and adding to their carbon footprint.

    1. Great for holidays and traveling

Imagine not having to buy a complete holiday wardrobe every time you go away! Depending on the weather and temperature of where you are going, you might not have climate-appropriate clothing in your wardrobe – but you can guarantee that Le Tote does. Just choose your holiday wardrobe for your next tote and you can send it back when you return.

    1. Try designer and high street brands

Le Tote is a great way to try new brands and designer labels alike. You are paying the same amount for your subscription either way, so you might as well branch out and try top brands you’ve always wanted to try. This also helps to keep you fashionable and on-trend all year round.


    1. Can be expensive

If you’re someone who doesn’t buy clothing very often you might find that $79 is actually a lot to spend on clothing each month. If you are looking for an unlimited plan then it goes up to $150.

    1. All clothing is used

Some people feel uncomfortable with wearing clothing that has been worn by others before, and with Le Tote this is a certainty. The company do everything they can to ensure that clothing is in almost new condition, washed and prepared, but the clothing is unlikely to ever be brand new.

    1. Insurance is extra

You need to add an extra $5 to your tote if you want insurance and if you forget to do this you might find yourself saddled with the entire cost of an item you’ve accidentally damaged.

    1. They won’t always have your size

Although Le Tote tries to hold a good range of sizes, popular items may not be available in your size for a long time, meaning that half of your favourite items might have to be replaced with others. It is better to have an open mind and not be too fixed on exact items.

    1. Your tote comes as a whole and single pieces can’t be exchanged

If something doesn’t fit or you don’t like the way it looks on you, you’re stuck until you send your tote back and order your next one, meaning you might not have as many items to enjoy as you wanted.

How Does Le Tote Work?


    1. Sign up for your box at https://www.letote.com/.

There are a variety of plans available depending on your needs. A monthly plan, where you get to choose one tote a month, is $79, whilst for those who want to be able to order as many totes as they want in a month, the unlimited plan is $150. A separate accessories plan can be added on or signed up for on its own as well.

    1. Fill out your profile.

It makes sense to be as specific as possible when filling out your profile, and to add as much to your profile as you can, as this information will be used to tailor your tote to you. Everything from your measurements and the kinds of clothes that you like, to the climate where you live, will help the team put your tote together.

    1. Add items to your closet.

These won’t necessarily be the clothing that will be sent out to you, but the more you add the better a view Le Tote has of what sorts of clothing you like.

    1. Wait for your box to be styled.

You will be sent a preview of your tote to have a look through, and this is your opportunity to switch out any items you don’t like. However, it does make sense to stay open to trying new things and maybe giving something you’ve never even thought of before the opportunity to win you over.

    1. Get your box.

This takes 2-3 business days from dispatch.

    1. Send back or keep your items.

Once you’ve got all of the wear you want to out of your tote you can send it back in the pre-paid clothing bag sent with your tote. However, if you’ve absolutely fallen in love with something, you can pay for and keep it. Le Tote offers up to 50% off retail price.

    1. Get your next box.

If you have an unlimited membership you are able to get as many totes as you want in a month, whereas a monthly membership means you’ll have to wait until the next calendar month.

Le Tote FAQ

    1. What size does it offer?

Up to size 16.

    1. How much does it cost?

$79 for monthly, $89 for maternity, $150 for unlimited

    1. How long does it take before receiving your box?

2-3 business days from the date of dispatch, and once you’ve confirmed that you are happy to receive your tote as it is.

    1. Can you cancel at any time?

You can cancel your Le Tote subscriptions at any time, but it is best to do so prior to your renewal date or you will be charged for another month’s subscription.

    1. How do I cancel my subscription?

Go to your Le Tote Account page, navigate to Membership Details and Edit Membership Details, and select Cancel.

    1. How long can you keep your items?

You can keep your items indefinitely as long as you are still a subscriber, but for the best value for money you should return your tote with any items you don’t want to keep at least once a month, as you will still be charged every month even if you have the same clothing for more than one month.

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Is Le Tote Worth a Try?

Whether Le Tote will work for you or not entirely depends on your relationship with fashion, what you are looking for from the service and what kind of lifestyle you lead.

Le Tote reviews suggest that many subscribers are women that are just too busy to shop, but work in jobs or lead lives where it is important that they look fashionable and well put together. For these types of subscribers Le Tote is invaluable; having a carefully curated selection of beautiful, fashionable clothing showing up once a month means that they’re always rocking the freshest styles and newest trends.

For those who prefer to have more control over their fashion choices, Le Tote may not be right, or for shoppers who look to spend less than $50 a month for clothes that they will wear again and again.

Thankfully, because the subscription service is easy to cancel at any time, Le Tote might be a good option to try for any woman looking to expand her horizons, try new things and simply get a fun fashion treat in the mail every month.