Making use of Walmart discount cards is one of the good methods to save money when shopping at Walmart. However, not everyone is eligible for getting a Walmart discount card. Here in this article, you can find everything you need to know about Walmart discount card.


What is a Walmart Discount Card?

A Walmart Associate Discount Card is a plastic card, much like a credit card in appearance, that is issued to each Walmart associate (employee). The card is used alongside the payment method to allow Walmart associates to receive discounts when they shop in the store, or through the Associate Discount Center.

It gives a 10% discount to associates on a wide variety of products. Products include fresh fruits, vegetables, and regularly-priced general merchandise. Groceries, other than fresh fruit and vegetables, are not normally included, except during the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The Associate Discount Center also offers discounts on travel, cell phone contracts, and other goods that are not offered in the stores themselves.

Is Everyone Eligible for a Walmart Discount Card?

No, not everyone is eligible to use a Walmart Discount Card. This card is issued only to those who work for Walmart, and to their spouses or domestic partners. It is an additional way for Walmart to give benefits to its employees in a cost-effective manner.


It basically allows people who work at Walmart to keep some of the money that would otherwise be profit for the company. The company gives up some potential profit, but it doesn’t cost them anything out of pocket. The employee also benefits, because they can save money on a wide variety or food and other products.

Walmart discount cards are mailed to the address on file with personnel, and should arrive around the end of an associate’s third month of continuous employment at Walmart.

Other Benefits Walmart Provides for its Employees

Walmart also provides benefits for their employees that go beyond what the law requires of them.

1. Healthcare and Health Insurance

Affordable healthcare options, for example. Full- and part-time employees who are eligible for this benefit can purchase health insurance at an affordable rate and have no lifetime maximum limit to the care provided. 100% of eligible preventative care is also covered.

General plans start as low as $26 per pay period, and dental and vision plans are also available. Plans are not just limited to employees; coverage for domestic partners is also available.

In the case that associates need certain spine or heart procedures, knee of hip replacements, organ or tissue transplants, or are fighting certain kinds of cancer, the Centers of Excellence program covers 100% of the cost.

There are also reimbursement plans, for eligible network and non-network health expenses, of up to $1000, and health savings account programs that match up to $700 to help with any additional costs of this type.

2. Retirement Savings

From their very first day with the company, associates can start contributing money to their 401 (k) retirement account, and Walmart will match up to six percent (6%) of it after one full year working for the company.

For those who want to have more than just the 401 (k), associates are able to participate in a stock purchase plan, which is also matched by the company.

3. Exclusive Discounts

As detailed above, associates get 10% off on fresh fruit, vegetables, and regularly priced general merchandise. These savings add up over time and make wages go further.

The Associate Discount Center provides discounts for items and services not normally available in the stores themselves.

4. Paid Time Off

Rather than struggle with juggling vacation days, sick days, personal days, and state holidays, Walmart streamlines all of these categories into one: Paid Time Off.

This means that each employee has a certain number of paid days off per year, and is in full control of how to use them. If they need more sick days, they can take them and not worry about losing pay. If their health is good, they can take more time for vacation. They can choose to take holidays off, with pay, or they can work them and take a different day off instead.

It puts the control in the hands of the employee, and removed any awkward conversations about how the time is being used.

5. Maternal and Parental Leave

Walmart’s Enhanced Maternity Leave benefit allows birth moms to take up to 10 weeks off of work, to receive pay for that time off, and have a guarantee that their jobs are waiting for them when they return.

There are also another six weeks available in the form of Parental Leave. This applies to people who become parents through birth, adoption, or foster-care placement, and is available to both men and women who are legal parents, guardians, or foster parents.

The time must be taken all at once (not broken up over a longer time) and may be taken any time within twelve months of the date they legally became a parent, guardian, or foster parent.

There are even dollars available to pay associates back for expenses related to adopting children. There is a maximum limit of $10,000 per year ($20,000 lifetime max per associate), which means that, in some cases, 100% of adoption costs may be recovered.

6. Family Care

Salaried associates (those who receive an annual or monthly salary, rather than an hourly wage) may be eligible to use the two-week family care pay program. This allows for two additional weeks off, with full pay, to care for a spouse or dependent who is suffering from an eligible medical problem.

How to Use a Walmart Discount Card Online?

In order to use your Walmart Associate Discount Card online, first go to Type “Associate” into the search box and it will take you to the sign-in page. Enter your email address and password if already registered, or click the “Create a new account” button if you are visiting the site for the first time.

Once in, register your Walmart Associate Discount Card to your account. From the time it is registered onward, your discount should automatically be applied to any eligible online purchase you make while signed into your account.


1. What is the employee discount at Walmart?

The discount is 10% on fresh fruit and vegetables, and on regularly priced general items throughout the store. The discount does not apply to other groceries though, as the markup on some of these items is quite low.

If you work on Black Friday, you can also get a one-time, 25% off gift card which applies to your whole purchase in addition to your 10% employee discount.

2. How do I use my card?

At the till, simply slide it through the credit card reader before entering payment. To use it online, register it with your account and it will be applied automatically whenever you buy something from within your account.

3. Can my family use my discount card?

Yes and no – some family members can use one, others can’t.

The spouse or domestic partner of a Walmart employee is eligible for their own Walmart Associate Discount Card, but your children, parents, siblings etc. are not eligible for their own cards, or allowed to use yours when you aren’t with them.

To request a card for your spouse or domestic partner, visit the website or call (800) 421-1362.

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4. What if I lose my card?

You can report a lost or stolen card, and have it replaced, by visiting the website or by calling (800) 421-1362. Have your WIN or SSN ready.

5. Can you use your Walmart discount card at Sam’s Club?

No, the card can only be used in any Walmart store in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and on

Walmart employees do get a discount on buying a Sam’s Club membership though, so being a Walmart associate does benefit you when shopping at Sam’s Club.


6. How long do you have to work for Walmart to keep your discount card?

There are two different ways you can qualify for a long-term card (a card you keep after you no longer work at Walmart).

a. If you have worked for Walmart for twenty consecutive years, you are eligible for the long-term service discount card when you retire. Until you retire, you will still have your regular Associate’s discount.

b. If you are 55 years or older, and have at least fifteen consecutive years of employment with Walmart, then you are eligible for the long-term service card when you retire. Until you retire, you will still have your regular Associate’s discount.

7. Does the Walmart employee discount work on electronics?

Yes, the discount applies to regularly-priced electronics. Products that are on sale, clearance, or other promotional deals are not eligible for additional discounts.

8. Do Walmart employees get a discount on gas?

No, there is no direct discount on gas. However, employees can load a gift card and use it to buy gas, which can mean a discount of $0.03 per gallon.