A visa gift card is easy to give and receive, but many people wind up with a partial balance on a card, and don’t know how to spend it. Adding it to your Amazon account is a great way to solve this problem.

Benefits of Using Visa Gift Card on Amazon

Perhaps the best benefit of loading your visa gift card onto Amazon, is that you won’t lose it. Rather than a card getting misplaced and thrown out with the old mail, or sitting, never used, on a shelf in your office, adding the balance to your Amazon account means that it is always there, whenever and wherever you need it.

You can even put the partial balances of several gift cards on your account, adding them up to put towards your next purchase. There aren’t any minimum amounts you need to load, and there’s no maximum limit either, so the available balance can grow as large as you want it to. You can even load full Visa gift cards straight onto your account.

Best of all, there is often an expiration date on a Visa gift card, but not on an Amazon account balance. It’s just like having the cash in your hand, except that you can apply it to an Amazon purchase with a single click on the Payment Method screen. You won’t have to carry around a bunch of cards, or worry about how much balance is left on any of them. Simply load them to the account, and the money is ready when you are.

How to Use Visa Gift Card on Amazon?

Amazon will take the balance from your Visa gift card in much the same way as it would if you were topping up your Amazon account with a regular credit or debit card. There may be an extra step or two, but the process is quick and simple.


Activate Your Card

Before loading the money to Amazon, you may first need to activate your gift card. If it was activated at the time of purchase, there should be a note on the sleeve that tells you so. If not, there will be a number to call on the back of the card and the service rep will activate it for you. This step usually takes a few seconds and is often automated.

Check Your Balance

When you activate your card, it’s a good idea to check the balance, so you’re sure how much money you’ll be putting onto your Amazon account. If the card was activated at the time of purchase, you can call the number on the back of the card to find out the balance.

Sign in to Your Amazon Account

The next step is to sign in to your Amazon account. If you don’t have one, click the “New customer? Start here” link below the “Sign in” button, and set one up. The process is clear and simple.

Once into your account, view your balance by hovering over the area that says “Hello, (your name), Your Account”. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on “Your Account”, then click on the “Gift Cards & Top Up” box. You may be prompted to enter your password again.

Load the Visa Gift Card Balance

You are now on your Amazon account Current Balance screen. If you’ve never loaded anything before, the balance will be zero, and set to the local currency where you set up the account. To add the balance from your Visa gift card, click on “Reload your Balance”. Do not click on “Redeem a Gift Card” as this applies to Amazon gift cards, not Visa gift cards.

At this point, you should be prompted to enter the balance. If the exact balance is shown as a button, you can simply click it, but if your balance is not shown, simply type it in. You do not need to type in the currency symbol.

Below this you will find the “Payment Method” section, where you will add your card. Enter the sixteen-digit number from the front of the Visa gift card.

In the box for “Name on Card”, enter the text found below the card number. This may be “Gift Card Recipient” or “A Special Gift For You” or something similar. Enter the text just as it appears on the front of the card.
Enter the expiration date using the drop-down menus, then click the yellow “Next” button.

When asked for the billing address, click “Add a new address” and enter your preferred address – users usually enter their home address here, as Amazon already has it on file. The card itself has no address tied to it, but it is a required entry.

The next step is to select the newly entered card. The selection should say “Visa ending in” followed by the last four digits of the card number, then the “Name on card” entry, and the date. Click the little circle so the dot in the center of it is filled in – it may have been selected automatically.

Once the amount from your card is loaded to your Amazon account, it will not expire, even if the card does. If you try to load funds from a card that has already expired, however, the attempt will fail.

Check Your New Balance

Click the “Reload” button at the bottom of the page to receive a confirmation that the funds transfer was successful. You should see a green box appear, with a green checkmark and notification that the amount will be added to your account. The notification will also include the payment method used, with the last four digits of the card, and the date the funds were received.

Time to Shop

The transfer should be complete in a few minutes from the time you click “Reload” and your funds will then be ready to spend. You will also receive an email to your registered email account to officially inform you that your new balance is available. You can keep the funds in your account, add to them, or spend them – it’s up to you.

When you do make a purchase, the funds available in your Amazon account will automatically be applied to your purchase; you won’t need to select anything to make this happen. Any remaining amount will be brought up to be covered by an alternate payment method.

For example, if you had $100 in your Amazon account, and you made a $50 purchase, the amount would automatically come out of your account. However, if you instead purchased something for $150, the first $100 would come from your account and you would be prompted to pay the remaining $50 using a credit or debit card registered to your account.

In this way, putting funds from your Visa gift card into your Amazon account, allows you to keep it safe, avoid expiry dates, and apply it simply and quickly to anything you purchase on Amazon.

Why Not Use Your Visa Gift Card to Buy an Amazon Gift Card?

Since Amazon gift cards don’t expire, and Visa gift cards sometimes do, an alternative way to keep your money from disappearing is to buy an Amazon gift card, using your Visa gift card as the method of payment.

Amazon declines some gift cards for this purpose, or only allows the purchase of an Amazon gift card up the balance on the other gift card, minus $1, but Visa gift cards work every time, and you can buy an Amazon gift card for the full amount available on the card you’re trying to clear. This means you don’t lose any of the value, and you gain the security of the Amazon card, which never expires.

How to Buy an Amazon Gift Card with a Visa Gift Card?

Log onto your Amazon account and click on the “Payment Option” button. Then click on “Add a Credit or Debit Card”, and enter the Visa gift card as you did above.


When this is done, and there is a positive balance on your Amazon account, go to the eGift Card page on Amazon.com. When prompted to enter the amount, click “Set my own” and enter the full amount available on your Visa gift card. Enter your email address as the “Recipient email” and put “Now” in the delivery date box.

When checking out, select the Visa gift card as the form of payment, and within a couple of hours, you will receive a digital Amazon gift card in your email inbox. You can apply it to your next purchase.


Just because your Visa gift card has an expiry date on it, it doesn’t mean you need to rush out and spend it right away – or worry about losing it. With a few simple steps you can transfer the funds from your physical card onto your Amazon account, or onto a digital Amazon gift card in your email inbox.

When you add the balance to your Amazon account, it will be applied automatically to your next purchase – no hassle and no fuss. Any additional money owing will be displayed for alternative payment.

Take your time. Buy what you want, when you want it. Keep your Visa gift card safe – and timeless – using your Amazon account.