Most people want to live rent free but don’t know how they can. This article will let you know about the tips and tricks which you can apply to make sure that living rent-free is not a dream anymore. It is completely up to you to decide which route you want to take to get the required results.

Top 12 Ways on How to Live Rent Free

There are various and effective ways out there for you to live rent-free. You can try as many as you can and stick to the one that best suits you. Here we single out 12 effective yet simple ways for you to live rent-free.

1. Find an Employer That Provides Accommodations

Negotiation is the key to success. Look for the employers that offer jobs with accommodation. It is because soaring rents in almost every city in the world would hamper your budget a lot. If you have a low wage or salary then the situation would become more difficult.

Finding such employers is not a big deal as such perks are mentioned in the job posting. It would be a perfect fit especially if you want to save bucks for your future. Though there are compromises involved if you are getting this deal then grab it. You can also search online for such live–in jobs.

2. House-Sit for Free Rent

It is one of the best ways to live rent free especially if you are living in an expensive city. According to the stats published by famous job websites pets are one of the most important reasons for house sitting. It is an agreement which you can make with the house owner.

You provide house sitting services to the owner and in return, you can live rent-free. It will lower your cost of living and will also provide you with an opportunity to gain experience. You just need to make sure that the surroundings are in order and everything of the house remains in place while the owners are away.

3. Live with Your Parents

Never think about moving out if you on a job and living with your parents. It is the greatest advantage besides keeping your parents contented. You will save lots and lots of money as there is no question of paying rent. It simply means enjoying all the home perks without paying a single cent for that.

It will also allow you to switch your job easily as your parents will only ask casually about your earnings. You will get food, accommodation, and satisfaction all at zero cost. It is a combo that is highly recommended until you can afford your own house.

4. Live with a Relative and Do Chores for Rent

No one wants to feel like a burden and this is a fact. Living with the relatives is only advisable if you are planning on doing chores for rent. Otherwise, it is not advisable to live with your relatives at all. You need to plan before moving in with relatives as the situation can become absurd if you are not used to hard work.

Help your relatives and it will never allow anyone to criticize you in any respect. If you have any elderly relative then you are in the driver’s seat. From general housework to lawn maintenance living with relatives is a win-win situation.

5. Live in Your Van or RV

If you have an adventurous attitude the RV is the best option where you don’t have to live under the influence of anyone. The thought that the RV is only for the retirees is not applicable anymore. The best part is that you can take your entire home to your office’s parking lot.

It will make sure that you get everything when in need. Obviously, no rent and a lot of room for a single person are some of the advantages. You got to embrace your environment as in this case you would be living alone most of the time.

6. Home Share with an Elderly Person

It can be your old relative and can also be someone that has hired you for house sitting. Saving money will not be the issue if you follow this tip. It is highly safe and reliable. Above all, it is a very practical option as compared to affording rents which are generally too high.

Your hosts will also start to know your benefits when you will be performing chores on their behalf. It is a long-term opportunity and the time length depends on your behavior. You can live as long as you remain cool and calm with your owners.

7. Work with an Accommodations Company

It is something that has no cost and high impact. It is the best ways to retain your accommodation while you perform your job duties. However, you need to plan beforehand if you want to enjoy freebie of this sort.

First of all, keep in your mind that you will only be allowed accommodation if you are exceptionally good and the company wants to retain you. Companies know that offering and providing accommodation makes job lucrative so only exceptional professionals are chosen. It is one of the best ways to work from home. You can maximize the benefits by working in any accommodations company.

8. Get Enough Roommates to Cover Your Mortgage Payment

Though it is not a very efficient way and will not cut your rent by 100% still it is a viable option. It is highly recommended if you have your friends in the city you are in and all are ready to share your place as well as rent.

You can get a house which has more than one bedroom and can rent the extras to your friend. You can also earn extra cash for that and if you are lucky enough you will get a 100% waiver in rent. Finding a one-bedroom apartment is not an easy task so your friends will never overlook your offer.

9. List a Room with Airbnb

Airbnb is the best option to rent out extra space to cover your rent. It is one of the best ways to make sure that you don’t pay even a single cent. You can list your place on Airbnb and get the rent of your choice.

This option is also viable if you live in your own house and can charge per night to the guest. It is a business which has earned billions to people from all over the world. It is a very common way to cover your rent especially if you are living in an expensive city.

10. Work as a Live-In Nanny

Apart from living rent-free, there are several advantages of working as a live-in nanny. You find the best family and at the same time get the perfect company to eliminate your loneliness. You get the home feeling and it is one of the best ways to take care of someone you are attached to.

This sort of job will also allow you to work flexibly which will never cross path with your professional job. However, it is not easy to become live – in nanny as people mostly do not trust strangers with their house or family. For some, it might be a tedious task.

11. Become a Resident Assistant on Campus

With a nominal hour’s commitment, you can become the resident assistant or the RA. This is the best option if you are a student and want to cut your expenses. You just need to make sure that you work as POC (point of contact) and help the students in getting the required information.

Dorm maintenance and activity planning are some of the other support services which you will be offering while enjoying free boarding service. This might be the first job of many students and therefore one must know the ins and outs of this before considering rent-free accommodation.

12. Manage an Apartment Building

If you can handle the tenants then it is the best option which will allow you living rent-free. You just need to make sure that the tenant issues are dealt with and you also allow the repair companies to pay random visits.

Usually, such jobs will get you a separate apartment in the building you are managing. You have to follow the rules of the building and should make sure that you get all the issues related to the building resolved. Before saying yes to this job, it is recommended to take a look at the set of rules.

Useful Tips for Living Rent-Free

Freebie is such a valuable thing that it is difficult to get. All the above-mentioned rent-free ideas require you to work or else you will be deprived of the perks of rent-free living. There are several tips which you can follow to make sure that living rent-free is not a problem at all.

You can work as a volunteer with the organizations that directly or indirectly deal with property business. Always look and search for the jobs that mention free accommodation as a perk. There are hundreds of websites online which provide you with the opportunities to live rent-free.

The organic farming can also be a good option for you if you want to live rent-free. There are many organic farms organizations that offer free accommodation if you look after their farms. If you have the stamina to travel from one city to another then there are websites where hosts are waiting for you to join them. You can also work for a family in the new city to get free accommodation in return.

Before going rent free you need to plan and know what suits you if you don’t want to pay rent. Rent-free is a question which has several right options to choose from.


Living rent-free is one of the ways to cut your living costs. You can find several ways of living rent-free and new ways are emerging with every passing day. It is important for you to choose the way which does not hamper your everyday or professional routine nor get you tensed.