You might have heard many friends tell you that they got a free iTunes gift card by simply visiting a website. But you didn’t believe it by thinking that they were just pranking you. It is actually rather simple. All you have to do is to do some surveys and download a few free applications on your mobile, and you get free iTunes music in return.

Surprisingly there is not one but more than seven ways to get a free iTunes gift card. Let’s check them out:

7+ Ways to Get Free iTunes Gift Card

1. PointsPrizes – Convert Your Points into Free iTunes Gift Card

With PointsPrizes, there are multiple ways to earn free iTunes music. These include signing up for newsletters of different companies, taking surveys, and watching video advertisements. Then there are daily bonuses that you get when you complete daily targets. So even if you live in a country where there are fewer surveys available, there’s still a chance for you to earn enough points through the bonuses. Those living in the United States and Europe are going to be showered with plenty of tasks.


Points are credited to your account in less than 60 minutes after completing the task. You have complete freedom to choose the tasks you want to perform. PointsPrizes only works with the most esteemed and legible companies, so you don’t have to worry about helping a wrong business. You also get points when new members join the website using your member code. The conversion rate is pretty high as you get a $20 free iTunes gift card after collecting 3,000 points.

2. PrizeRebel – Get iTunes Gift Card for Free

PrizeRebel is very similar to PointsPrizes where you earn points by participating in surveys, watching videos, and signing up for various offers. Points are credited to your account as soon as the task is complete. PrizeRebel has more than eight million users and has given away more than $16 million in rewards and cash prizes since 2007 and is among the most popular survey sites out there today.


You can redeem a gift card from $5 onwards, which can be used on any Apple device. You can even give the gift card to friends and family as a Christmas gift. The gift card can be directly sent to your Apple ID if you link it to the website. PrizeRebel also offers free gift cards of other brands including Starbucks, Walmart, eBay, and Amazon.

3. EarniCodes – Get a Free iTunes Gift Card with iTunes Code Generator

EarniCodes works a little differently than PrizeRebel and PointsPrizes. When you enter the website, you have to click on “Get Free iTunes Gift Card”. You will be redirected to a page, which will ask you to like or share the link mentioned on the webpage. Every day, only a number of gift cards are available for you.

After sharing, you’ll be redirected to another page, which will ask you to click on the type of gift card you want — $10, $25, and $50. Select the one you want, and you’ll receive a unique code in the next 24 hours on your email id. Sometimes, because of high traffic, the codes take longer. Visit the EarniCodes website again and add the code to your member account to get the free iTunes gift card. You can use the gift card to buy music, in-game app purchases, e-books, and e-newspapers.

4. Social Media – Get Free iTunes Gift Cards by Following Gift Card Companies in Social Media

If you are very active on social media, this one’s for you. Many social media accounts host contests and giveaways where they award a free iTunes gift card to a number of winners. The protocol is simple. You have to follow the company or account involved, comment something or post a photo with a hashtag given, and tag them.

Winners are either chosen randomly or according to the contest rules, depending on social media handle. Most of these contests are hosted on Twitter and Instagram. You can find some on Facebook as well, but these ones usually give away company products. Now that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year are approaching, there are going to be a lot of contests and giveaways. Make sure you keep checking social media regularly.

5. Online Rewards Program

Many online rewards programs offer you points in exchange for taking surveys, questionnaires, watching videos, and downloading mobile applications. Some of the famous ones include My Coke Rewards, My Points, SwagBucks, and Quick Rewards. Conversion rate differs from one website to another.

They also give you the choice to convert the points into cash, which is then credited to your PayPal account in the next 24 hours. Payout starts at as low as $3.

6. Participate in Online Surveys

Survey Junkie is one of the best places to find surveys that give a lot of points. The surveys are small and take up to five to 10 minutes. You can earn up to $50 in free iTunes gift cards or cash in just one month by daily taking surveys during school or office lunch breaks and TV ads.

Another survey taking website is Harris Poll, where you can take surveys every week. You can redeem points as soon as you hit the threshold. The only downside of these websites is that you are spammed with emails and notifications when a new survey is available.

7. Other Ways


Ibotta is a mobile app that gives you cash back when you shop featured groceries. The amount is credited to your account in 48 hours.


After you register on the free app, you can browse through the available offers. You can participate in a couple of tasks and get more offers. Go to the shopping section and add items that you want to buy to the cart. Make the payment. There are three ways you can redeem the cash back — Manual Receipt Submission (for free iTunes gift card), Preferred Partner Card Submission, and Mobile Shopping Submission.


When you sign up on Ebates, you get a credit of $10, which you can use to purchase an iTunes gift card. Other than that, Ebates regularly has online cash back offers on brands of all types including Ugg, Forever 21, Amazon, Banana Republic,, Michael Kors, Macy’s, Friends and Family, and Etsy. Ebates also offers in-store cashback offers on brands including American Eagle, Aeropostale, LoveSac, Ann Taylor, and Crocs, and Bed, Bath, & Beyond.


For online cashback offers, you can combine different offers together. For offline offers, you have to show the code. There is cashback offers on hotels, airplanes, taxis, rental cars, cruises, and vacation packages. When you refer a friend, you receive $25 in your account. Ebates also shows you on-going offers near your area, helping you save more money.

Pocket Flip

As one of the latest websites to join the market, Pocket Flip gives you points after you download apps. It can be used by people living in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Germany to earn free iTunes music. When you become a member, you receive 100 points. Pocket Flip doesn’t have a very high conversion rate, but there are plenty of fun tasks to perform that can help you earn points faster. The conversion also depends on your country of residency. Other gift cards that you can redeem your points into include Google Play and Amazon.

It is a great supplementary platform, which you can use alongside the ways mentioned above to earn gift cards.

How to Redeem an iTunes Gift Card?

Redeeming iTunes gift card is simple and barely takes time. For redeeming, you’ll need first to download iTunes Store app from App Store. Go to Music tab in the menu and keep scrolling down until you find the Redeem icon.

Type the code printed on the e-gift card or card number of the free iTunes physical gift card that you’ve received and click Redeem. The amount is transferred to your account immediately. You can use it to buy music or in-app purchases in games. The money can also be used to purchase e-newspapers and e-books. The protocol is the same for all Apple devices including iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

In case you aren’t able to redeem, you’ll have to call up customer service number of the website or company that issued you the gift card. You will occasionally get a not-working card, but the company is more than ready to give you another code.


Receiving free iTunes gift card against points isn’t legal in many countries, so when you are performing the tasks or surveys, you are doing it at your own risks. All the ones mentioned above are 100 percent proven to be safe, so don’t experiment with any other websites you see online.