There are many ways to get free groceries, but here we focus on getting free groceries with coupons. Once you learn how to get free groceries, you will be able to save a lot of money, as you will start getting huge discounts on the products, or even get the products for free. And of course, besides coupons, you can always visit some deal sites such as slickdeals, cashbackbase, etc. to get free groceries.

Collect Coupons

The first step in getting free groceries is to start collecting coupons. Here, you need to make sure to get as many duplicated grocery manufacturer coupons as possible.

It would be beneficial to have as many grocery manufacturer coupons as possible. For instance, it is always good to pay 0 dollars for a soap, as you have a coupon for it, however, does not it sound better to get 10 soaps for 0 dollars? You can get 10 soaps practically free, simply if you have 10 coupons. One can collect coupons through many methods. Below are some tips to get extra coupons.


1. Get Sunday Paper Coupons

Start collecting Sunday paper coupons. Make sure to purchase at least two Sunday papers every week. This is because there would be times when you would find a B1G1F sale (buy one get one free). To avail this offer you would need two coupons. One coupon will mean that you get only half the savings. There would be times when there are many high-value Sunday paper coupons in the paper. You can get more coupons by purchasing more papers.

2. Have Friends Save Inserts for You

The majority of us know people (neighbors, friends and family) who get the Sunday paper. Most of these people don’t use their Sunday paper coupons, probably because they don’t know how to get free groceries, or maybe because they don’t have time. There are people who don’t care, or just don’t believe that it can actually be possible to get free groceries. It cannot be denied collecting coupons in order to get groceries is actually time-consuming, but believe us, it is totally worth the effort. You won’t believe how much money you are able to save by just using these coupons. So, just take some efforts, and ask your friends, family and neighbors to save the Sunday coupons for you.

3. Take Help from Your Newspaper Delivery Man

Many times newspaper delivery people are left with some Sunday newspapers that did not sell. Usually, the newspaper delivery man does not know how to use the Sunday coupons, or doesn’t have time for them. Therefore, you can ask him for the Sunday paper coupons and inserts, in exchange for some money maybe. And, it won’t be a problem, as mostly they are required to return only the top page of the paper in their offices in order to get credit for not selling those papers. So, just get in touch with your delivery person, and offer them some incentive in exchange for those extra inserts and coupons.

4. Print Online Coupons

You can also get coupons online. The thing is that you can print only two identical coupons per computer. You can use the computer at work, or a friend’s computer to get coupons. However, under no circumstances should you try to photocopy your coupon. Photocopying should never be tried, as the coupons have particular numbers, and the manufacturers will find out immediately, which will result in your account getting blocked.

5. Use a Coupon Clipping Service

You can also use the coupon clipping service to purchase the extra coupons. Through this service, you pay someone else to sort and clip the coupons for you. This is a good technique, as you can keep only the coupons that you are interested in and return the rest. Also, you won’t have to go through the hassle of clipping and sorting.

Organize Your Coupons

You should always treat your coupons with care, just like you treat your money. You should make sure to sort and organize your coupons in a well-organized way.

Imagine you have a high-value coupon for an item that you want so much, but you just cannot find it. To avoid such situations, you need to weekly go through your collections of expired coupons and file for new coupons. This can be done through the following methods.


1. Binder Method

A coupon binder works as a great grocery coupon organizer. This coupon notebook is a handy 3-ring binder normally filled with plastic 9-pocket sheets. It will be super convenient and will have clear, easy to see through pockets. You can buy these binders from the store; however, it is much better to make one for yourself. A homemade coupon book would be more resilient, handy and zippered.

2. Clutch Method

The clutch coupon holders are known for their easy-to-use feature, and low cost. They are the size of a purse, with little dividers and are made of a nylon kind material. You can buy these holders from Amazon, or, you can order them from an insert in your Sunday paper coupons. If you don’t want to spend too much on coupon binders, then the clutch coupon holders are the best for you.

3. File Method

The coupon file is a handy, suitcase type box, typically made of plastic. You can either make or buy this file, and customize your system according to your needs, filing through coupon category or alphabetically. The best thing about this file is that it is big in size, and can store some thousands of coupons. Also, it is easy to find the coupons in this file.

Match Coupons with Sales

To get free groceries with the grocery manufacturer coupons, we need to match the coupons with sales.

Now, go through your Sunday paper coupons, and take all the sales leaflets for the week. Check sales leaflets for your discount stores, drugstores, and local grocery stores. Find out the sales that are currently going on. Many times, they have some certain awesome deals on items of some particular brand. Stores use all such tactics to attract the customers, and make them spend some more money.


The next step is to match the sales prices with the coupons. For instance, a soap of a particular brand, which is usually sold at $2.50 is on sale, and has a price of $1 this week. And, the good news is that in your coupon binder you have a coupon for $1 off on that same brand of soap! This means that you can get the soap for free!

If you are lucky, you will get many free offers on a weekly basis. There would be times when you would find both the sale, as well as the coupon in the same Sunday paper. So, now you know how to get free groceries.

Tips for Finding Good Deals

For finding good deals, make sure that you are not brand loyal. For instance, if you usually use Dove soap, but you can get five bars of Coat soap for free, just switch!

People usually go for bigger brands, completely ignoring the generic brands, even though in reality, usually there is not much difference in the quality of products. It is just that we are conditioned to buy the brands that we often see in ads. But, there is nothing wrong in switching to a generic brand, if it means more profit.

Also, keep in mind that if you are getting a product for free, or at a really good price, use all the coupons that you can to buy as much quantity of this particular product as you can. It might even mean to visit several stores, but, in the end, it would be a good deal!


Learning how to get free groceries can really help you save a lot of your cash. The coupons thus are no less than the gift cards. They are no less valuable than money. It is a great idea to save various coupons to get free stuff.

If you have other ways to get free groceries, please feel free to share with us in the comment area.