How To Earn Money With Your Blog?

There are many sites, applications, and sites where you can start a blog. The blog format allows for a friendly and relaxed style of writing. And the nature and views of the owner often determine the popularity of the page. For everyone who wants to learn how to monetize their pages, we have collected proven ways to make money on a blog. Here are some tips about how to make money with blogging in 2021 and get income.

How to choose the main theme

We will consider the correct choice and development of the topic further. While it is necessary to remember that, when planning to create your blog to make money, it is important to think about the commercial potential of the chosen topic. Here are the details about how to purchase backlinks and all the other specific features.

It’s also important to understand who your audience is. Continuing the example of needlework, we can draw the following conclusions: this is a female hobby that requires time and money. This means that our audience is women and girls, independent, wealthy, enthusiastic, and interested. In addition, there is clear commercial potential here. If a person has earned enough to buy everything he needs for needlework, then he will be able to buy something else. Surely some advertisers want to get such an audience. But the main source of monetization is advertising.

After choosing and testing a topic, see which blogs already exist on it. This information can be used to find a good format for presenting the information. It’s used to inspire and develop topics for posts. As well as compile a list of possible sites for placing advertising materials.

Partnership programs

It’s one of the best ways of making money on a blog, running a blog online. It is no coincidence that affiliate programs are in the first place in ways to make money on a blog. Affiliate programs work on a pay-per-action basis with paid blog posting. It allows you to make decent money even with a small audience on your blog.

The CPA system guarantees the transparency of the transaction to customers. Payment is made only for the performed action, and not for the number of subscribers on the channel or post views. For bloggers, the advantage of this approach is that payment comes for each subscriber who has completed the required action. There are no income limits! The main thing is that subscribers are active and involved.

Placement of Advertisements

There are several options here, but before placing ads, you need to gain at least 500 thousand subscribers, or at least 100 thousand, if we are talking about a highly specialized blog.

Advertising integrations

The publication format in which the author of the blog publishes hidden advertising of goods and services. It’s a post, video, or article, inside which a small advertising insert is placed. Integration can be supplemented with a picture or a unique link. As well as a personal promotional code that allows you to track the number of clicks and orders from advertising. The main difference from an affiliate program is that a blogger can only earn a fixed amount per posting.

Advertising articles, affiliate materials in the blog

Unlike integrations, advertising does not hide here and openly declares itself, inviting the audience to carefully familiarize themselves with the product. Not suitable for everyone: to post such articles, you need to be able to write good expert materials that will not scare away subscribers with excessive intrusiveness and satisfy all the customer’s requirements.

Publishing links

It’s also an answer to the question of how to start to make money writing blogs and get profit. The simplest option is where a mention of the company and a link to it are placed inside the publications. Places for links are sold on special exchanges. It is allowed to sell link placement with a minimal audience, but the income from this method will be low.

Selling Your Goods And Services

Another way to make money on blogging is to sell your products. This approach is especially popular in the service sector: psychologists, consultants, trainers, cosmetologists, and other specialists often use author’s pages to sell their knowledge and competencies.

These can be both rendered services and information products: courses, books, consultations. However, for this approach to work, you will need to develop a full-fledged marketing strategy, prepare a sales funnel, promotional materials, and a general understanding of monetization at all stages. This also includes the design of a premium subscription for readers, with access to expert content.

Providing services on a paid basis involves registering as an entrepreneur, maintaining financial statements, and paying taxes. And if we are talking about making or reselling jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, and other goods, you will need to resolve storage and delivery issues, as well as assume warranty obligations to consumers.

Helping Other Authors

Do not overlook this way of making money on blogging, as helping with third-party journals. Some individuals and companies are willing to pay to prepare articles, photos, like here, and videos for their pages. You can find such requests on freelance exchanges. Copywriters, designers, editors, and video editors – these are just some of the demanded specialties that allow you to make money on the maintenance of other people’s pages with blogging or freelance writing.

Having your own promoted blog showing your competencies will be a big plus. In addition to direct supervision, you can take on organizational responsibilities or conduct training.


Other Ways to Monetize Your Blog

In addition to the above, there are other channels for making money in blogs, but not so universal:

  1. Making money on shows. Platforms embed ads in posts or videos and pay commissions to creators. Usually, to participate in such programs, you need to gain tens and hundreds of thousands of views, and the payment is measured in tens of dollars.
  2. Advertising networks. Maintaining a page on your website allows you to sell space for banner ads. Traffic in the amount of several thousand visitors per day gives an approximate income level of $ 50-80 per month.
  3. Some authors urge subscribers to make donations – donations. This way of making money on streaming platforms is especially popular. But it is almost impossible to predict the level of income here and make money as a blogger.
  4. The author enters into a contract for representation and constantly mentions the brand in his materials.
  5. Production of addressed congratulations and messages to order. It is also not a permanent or measurable source of income.

Of course, it is permissible to combine all the listed ways of making money on blogs. But in the first place when receiving income is always the quantity and quality of the audience, which determine the popularity of the site and its commercial potential.

Search Popular Directions

After the site, the main topic, and the publication format have been selected, it is necessary to analyze competitors, that is, to see which blogs on the selected topic exist and are popular. It is also worth analyzing losers, that is, to study which pages on the selected topic are not popular. It is easy to spot many interesting ideas from leaders, and losers will help to avoid gross mistakes.

A little tip: if you take someone else’s post from a popular channel as a basis, make sure that the content was posted a month ago or later. And be sure to make your original post using the selected example as a basis, supplementing it with your knowledge and experience to get interesting authored content.

When developing the main topic, break it down into separate areas, for each of which make a series of publications and see which ones turn out to be the most popular with the audience. Then select the most popular ones and make another series of publications based on them. After repeating this operation several times, form a pool of main directions within the chosen topic, which are popular with subscribers, and positively influence the possibility of future earnings and earning money.

From time to time, it is necessary to dilute the content with experimental posts and monitor the reaction of subscribers. It will also be useful to subscribe to competitors and see what they post. This will allow you not to experience problems with a lack of ideas for publications and constantly generate interesting posts.


Author: Frank Hamilton

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing, and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German, and English.


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