Lots of PlayStation players search for and use PSN discount codes to save money on their online game purchases in the PlayStation Store. A PSN discount code is essentially virtual money that can be used on a wide variety of games available in the online store. Some PSN codes can be found for free or for a discount.

What Is a PSN Discount Code, and How Do You Redeem One?

A PSN discount code is a 10 digits long code, and in most cases, it applies to all region. If you do end up accidentally purchasing a code that is not specific to your region, then it will not work.

These PSN discount codes can be used on the PlayStation Store so that you can purchase cheaper games, movies and more. There are many ways to get a PSN discount code, and we will go deeper into how you can, in this article.


To redeem your code once you have one, you must be logged in to your PlayStation Network account. Then, choose whichever game or other product you wish to buy by adding it to your cart. When you go to your basket, you will be able to enter your PSN discount code and claim your money off.

Once you have gone into your basket, you will be able to select “Enter discount code”, and press the X button to continue. Enter your 10-digit code here, and press X to continue with the purchase.

After you enter your code, press “Proceed to checkout”, and you will see your updated total with the code applied. Confirm your purchase and pay for your discounted item.

On top of regular free or discounted PSN discount codes that are released every month, the PlayStation Store regularly has sales, including a Deal of the Week. You should make sure to check this regularly and look as well for any PSN discount codes that may be offered online.

For example, many sites will list PSN discount codes that are available each month. As these are time-limited and will have an expiry date, some codes will have a limited number of people who can use them too, so be sure to get in first on these codes!

Where Can You Get a PSN Discount Code?

There are many websites online where you can find PSN discount codes, either for free or for a discounted price. As mentioned earlier, you have to check daily as some of the codes are limited to be used by a certain number of people. Many deals can include discounts of upwards of 70% off, so it is well worth checking regularly to get great deals on PlayStation games.

We have collected a few of the places where you can find PSN discount codes to claim money off your most wanted games. Read on to find out where some of the best deals are this month.

1. Get 20% off PSN Discount Code by Watching the Detroit: Become Human Trailer

You can get a fantastic 25% off any PlayStation Store purchase, just by watching the two-minute trailer for Detroit: Become Human. In anticipation for the launch of this game, Sony is offering North American gamers a discount code for money off their favorite games.

However, the discount code does not apply to any memberships, pre-orders, rental videos, or any in-game content.

Head over to this site for the chance to grab this PSN discount code for yourself.

2. Up to 95% off PSN Discount Code Available at Giving Assistant

Giving Assistant puts together various PSN discount codes, as well as discount codes for various other online stores. The code we are talking about is the 95% PSN discount code on all PlayStation store purchases. You can also buy PlayStation games on this site at discounted prices.

3. Get Various PSN Discount Codes at RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is another site that pulls together the best PSN discount codes available and puts them together on one handy page. A great deal on at the moment is 40% off GTA V for the PS4. The site also shows you PSN discount codes that have expired recently so you can see what codes may appear in the future.

4. Find PSN discount codes 2018 at WAREABLE

WAREABLE is, in my opinion, one of the best sites that pull together the PSN discount codes available. You can find hundreds of free PSN discount codes here for both free games and ones that offer great discounts of thousands of games. For example, right now you can get an impressive 76% off selected games on the PlayStation Store.

5. Earn 20% off PSN Discount Codes at HotUKDeals

A great deal online right now is 20% off a PSN discount code, only available for the US and Canada. It helps you to get 20% off your total cart when you are making purchases on the PlayStation Store.

However, there are limitations. It can’t be used on pre-orders or on PlayStation+ subscriptions.

All you need to do to get the code is to watch the full video here.

6. Get PSN Discount Code at PlayStation Forum

This is a useful thread on the PlayStation forum that you can use to keep an eye out for any PSN discount codes that Sony releases. Many people in the forum also give helpful tips and advice on where to find these discount codes and how to use them.

7. Get PSN discount codes at PlayPennies

PlayPennies is another site that pulls together PSN discount codes from all over the web, so that you don’t have to go searching for them. An example code currently being used is 70% off a selection of PS3 games from the PlayStation Store. It’s also great for finding games that are currently free to play and own.

Make sure to be careful when you use the sites listed above though, as sometimes the codes have expired (many PSN discount codes will have a quick expiry date), or because they are not valid or authentic codes.

The best way to find discount codes, however, is to keep an eye on the PlayStation website, as Sony itself will release PSN discount codes on that site.

Once you find a discount code, use it quickly and make sure that what you are trying to apply the code to is valid for that particular code. For example, some codes do not apply to pre-ordered games, or to some subscriptions.

Top 5 Interesting and Stunning PlayStation Game Recommendations

1. Horizon Zero Dawn

A difficult but rewarding game, Horizon Zero Dawn pulls together aspects from different existing games and packages them in an exciting world just waiting to be explored. You can have battles against robot dinosaurs, and use crafting to advance throughout the game.


The game also has stunning visuals, so when you are completing missions, you can try to stop and look at the detail made in every frame of scenery. There is also a photo mode where you have the opportunity to take pictures of these beautiful surroundings.

And who wouldn’t want a game where you can battle a robot dinosaur!?

2. Rocket League

This game is essentially car soccer on a big scale. It’s highly competitive and great for playing multiplayer with your friends. It also helps that you don’t need to be good at games or using controls in order to have a great time on this game.


There is also an opportunity to participate in a 36-week season mode, where you can battle against other players in various matches.

3. Overwatch

A multiplayer only game that is immensely popular, especially with people who enjoy role-playing games or first-person shooters. Again, this is another highly competitive game, but this time uses teamwork in order to bring people together online.


The popularity of this game can be put down partly thanks to its inventive characters, and the interaction available between them.

4. Monster Hunter: World

Making a big move from mobile to the big screen, this game has grown exponentially in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. You can play both solo and multiplayer against massive beasts in this epically created digital world. It’s an action role-playing game that is part of the hugely successful Monster Hunter series.


5. God of War

One of the biggest games of the year, God of War is a must for fans of Norse mythology and intense action games. It offers hours and hours of melee combat and a well thought out and descriptive storyline. If you are looking for a game where you can lose yourself in it, this is it.


Of all these games we have recommended, my personal favourite is Monster Hunter: World. But all of the above are well worth paying for, and especially so if you have a PSN discount code to get money off.

You can find more information about these games, and other top games of the year so far here.

Final Thoughts

My final opinion on PSN discount codes is that they are very beneficial in getting your money off PlayStation Store games, but only if they are applicable to the games you want.

The game that you are hoping to be able to get a discount on may not be discount available for quite a while, due to it being newly released or only being a pre-order.

Always make sure to regularly check for PSN discount codes online and check the official PlayStation website for more details.