A Disney gift card is a great way to get money off your next vacation at Disney. You can also redeem the card at various Disney Store locations, and even on their specialized resort locations, such as Aulani in Hawaii.

In this article, we will go into the different Disney gift cards you can get if they are worth using, and where you can use them. We will also cover where you can get both normal Disney gift cards, and where you can also find discount Disney gift cards.

FAQ about Disney Gift Cards


1. What Is a Disney Gift Card?

There are three different types of Disney gift cards that you can purchase: standard Disney gift cards, Disney Rewards redemption cards, and Disney Store merchandise credit/gift cards.

A standard Disney gift card is a card that can be used for money off at Disney locations in the US and can be purchased from locations such as the Disney Store, and other Disney locations. You can also purchase the card from retail places such as Target or Walmart.

2. What Is the Difference between a Disney Gift Card and a Disney Store Gift/Credit Card?

Disney gift cards can be used for money off vacations at US Disney locations, whereas Disney Store gift cards can only be used for money off products and merchandise in Disney’s stores. This makes them less valuable to customers than standard Disney gift cards, but they are great for gifts!

3. Are Disney Gift Cards Better or Worse Than Cash?

On a dollar-to-dollar basis, you are actually worse off using Disney gift cards than if you used cash for your purchases. This is because Disney gift cards can only be used at Disney locations, unlike cash that can be used for anything.

So, the value of using a Disney gift card only applies if you find a gift card that has been discounted. And we will go more into detail about how to find discount Disney gift cards other and Disney gift card deals further on in this article.

4. On What Occasions Can I Use Disney Gift Cards?

Disney gift cards can be used to get money off Disney vacations and purchases. For example, they can be used for money off all Disney vacations, covering tickets, hotels and more.

They can also be used for anything that you purchase from the Disney location you are vacationing at, at Disney stores across the US, and can be used for orders on their online shop.

Try These 6 Methods to Get Discount Disney Gift Cards

There are many different ways that you can get a free or discounted Disney gift card. Always proceed with caution when using any of these methods, as they are not 100% guaranteed, and sometimes you will not get a deal that is worth it compared to using cash.

1. Get Discount Disney Gift Cards at Target

You can buy physical Disney gift cards inside every Target store across the US. To get a discount when you buy one, make sure to use your Target Red card to grab 5% off your whole purchase, and so grab a discount Disney gift card.

Target also has regular sales on all gift cards. For example, on Christmas, Target has a whopping 10% off all of their gift cards, including Disney. So make sure to keep an eye out for these sales to get a great discount on Disney gift cards, and more.

If you don’t own a Target Red card, you can either sign up for a Target credit or debit card and get the same great discounts that Red cardholders do. Choosing the debit card option is easier on your credit score, as you can use it just like a regular debit card.

As well as singular Disney gift cards, you can get multi-packs of the gift cards, at a discount. For example, they have had a three pack of $50 Disney gift cards at a price of only $142.98, so a $7.02 saving!

Head down to Target to find out more, and see what you can save!

2. Get Disney Gift Card Deals at Warehouse Clubs

Warehouse clubs such as BJ’s and Costco, sell great deals on Disney gift cards by offering them in gift card “packs”, at a discounted price. These Disney gift card deals are not always available, so you will have to look around these stores daily to see what deals are on.

An example of one of these great deals is at Sam’s Club, where you can get a pack of three $50 Disney gift cards for only $143. Discounts on gift cards are usually between 4-6%, and can even be sometimes more for special events.

You can also grab a whopping $500 Disney gift card for only $479.99 at Sam’s Club, but you will need to be a member to do so.

You can also buy these gift cards online through some of these stores. For example at BJ’s, you can get these Disney gift cards at a 4% discount through their online store, and with no shipping fee added on to the purchase. However, you need to be an online member to purchase these gift cards at BJ’s, which usually costs around $10 a year.

Remember that you can use these discount Disney gift cards to save money on hotels, food, and more when you book a trip to any Disneyland resort or park.

3. Get Disney Gift Cards at Discounted Gift Card Sites

Examples of discounted gift card sites include CardCash and Cardpool, and they all sell discount Disney gift cards. Usual discount amounts when using these sites range between 3-15%, so are a great option for getting a good discount on these gift cards.

However, many of these sites require referral codes in order to enter or use them. You can get these referral codes from friends that are currently using those sites, or from helpful people in various online money-saving forums.

You can also get further discounts if you are recommended by a friend. For example, when you enter the referral code you got from your friend in order to enter the site, you can grab an extra $5 off your first order!

On Cardpool, you can also exchange your unused gift cards into cash, and get up to 92% cashback on all cards. This is great if you have received any as gifts that you won’t end up using, and then you can use the money to buy the gift cards that you actually want.

You’ll have to create an account for each of these sites, and many of them will send you emails with exclusive deals and discounts for you to use.

4. Get Discount Disney Gift Cards by Using Savings Apps

There are many apps available to download onto your smartphone that can help you to save money, and even earn cash back on your purchases.

Once you’ve earned enough money, then you can use the money earned on discounted Disney gift cards. But beware, only some of the apps available will allow you to redeem the points/money you’ve earned for gift cards.

Apps that are great for this are Shopkick, Receipt Hog and Fetch Rewards.

For example, Receipt Hog is an app that you can use to earn rewards from scanning your receipts after every purchase. If you consistently scan your receipts, you can earn upwards of around $100 a year. So while it is not quick in building the money, it is very easy to do.

On the other end of the spectrum, Shopkick can allow you to save enough rewards to be able to buy a gift card within a week! Who doesn’t love a free gift card?

With Shopkick, you scan barcodes as you shop, earning points for every one you scan. You can also submit your receipts through the app to gain even more points. Plus, watch in-app videos to get easy points straight to your account.

5. Earn Free Disney Gift Cards at Rewards Websites

Another way to earn your next gift card for free is through rewards websites. Just by entering promo codes found on products, watching short videos, and completing short activities, you can earn hundreds of dollars that can go towards your next Disney gift card purchase.

Some of the reward sites that will allow you to do this are My Coke Rewards, Disney Movie Rewards and Huggies Rewards.

For Disney Movie Rewards, simply buy movie tickets for new or current Disney movies, enter the codes online found on your tickets, and earn points and rewards online. As well as earning points to go towards Disney gift cards, you can use your points for Disney experience, collectibles and more movie tickets.

Earn points for every purchase of Huggies diapers that can go towards free Disney gift cards and more Disney gift card deals online. You can also use these rewards to go towards purchases of baby care items, or even free diapers!

How My Coke Rewards works is by using the Sip and Scan technology. Simply scan the sip and scan icon on every coke bottle to earn points while you drink. This is used in conjunction with the Coca-Cola mobile app, which can be found on Google Play and the App Store.

6. Find Discounted Disney Gift Cards at eBay

This option of finding discounted Disney gift cards is great, but you must be aware that many people will list fakes for sale, as many people who fall into this trap can attest to. Make sure that the seller you are buying from has many positive reviews, and that all products he/she has sent have been true to the listing.

Remember, if it seems too good to be true, approach with caution.

Make sure to avoid these mistakes by ensuring that you only buy from sellers with a 100% positive feedback rating, and only use PayPal as a method of payment. This way, if the seller did try to scam you or if you don’t receive your order, you can get your money back straight from PayPal.

However, there are some great deals to be found on the website, and many sellers offer free shipping on all orders. You can get discounts of upwards of 15% on the site but always proceed with caution for any gift card that has a 10%+ discount.

As well as this, you can also use the eBay bucks you have earned on any gift card purchase, which is especially great if you shop on eBay a lot.

Case for and against Discount Disney Gift Cards

There are many reasons for and against buying discount Disney gift cards. Many people believe it is a great way to save money on your Disney vacation, whereas others believe them to be a waste of money. Here are some reasons for both sides of the argument.



  1. They can save you money in the long run, especially on an expensive vacation. For example, if a vacation is costing you $3000, and you get an 8.4% discount using Disney gift cards, you can save around $252 for the whole trip!
  2. They are easy to get hold of, so you can easily save money on your upcoming vacation.


  1. The gift cards can only be used at Disney, and Disney resort locations or parks.
  2. You can sometimes get better deals booking through other sites, rather than using Disney gift cards through Disney bookings. Going straight through Disney means that you are sometimes not getting the best deals or rates on hotels and tickets.

It is generally advised not to use Disney gift cards on Disney hotels or tickets, as you can find better deals elsewhere on sites such as Undercover Tourist. Better uses of the gift cards are on Disney Cruises, on food at Disney locations, and to save on Disney merchandise.


Overall, if used right, Disney gift cards can be a great money saver at Disney locations and on the online store. But, when booking hotels and tickets, using the gift cards means that you are limited to Disney’s prices when you can just as easily get a better deal elsewhere.

Let us know how you’ve saved money on your Disney vacation in the comments below.