Stickers are great ways to show off the things and companies you love. They’re small, colorful, and if you get bored of one, you can peel it off and replace or cover it with another that you like even better.

The only thing better than a good sticker, is a FREE good sticker! Here we explore 80+ ways for you to get free stickers.

Why Would a Company Send You Free Stickers?

Many companies use stickers to increase brand awareness. By placing their stickers in as many places as possible, they become well known as suppliers of goods or services that people might need. When someone sees your sticker and goes to that company to buy something, the company makes money – far more money than the sticker cost them in the first place!

This works as a kind of marketing, or advertising. The company pays you by giving you a beautiful, free sticker to decorate your home, car, or whatever else you like, and the company benefits by gaining more customers and business. In this way, everybody wins.


Companies that send you free stickers just want to get the word out there – so why not drop them a line and get a free sticker now?

15 Companies that Send Free Stickers

Some of these companies have requirements for you to receive free stickers – like signing up for a newsletter or email blast – but since the newsletters contain news and deals on products we love, this is no hardship at all. Great deals and free stickers? Sign me up.

Here are some favorites.

1. Chaco

Chaco is a trendy store that sells sandals and flip-flops, as well as hiking gear and accessories, and assorted items of clothing and accessories for everyday life – in style. They even have a section for dog gear! Even if you don’t own any of their clothing or gear, their stickers are a nice decoration and will be a good addition to your collection.

2. Southern Marsh

You can get free stickers from this cool clothing company, directly from their website. They sell clothing and accessories for every member of the family. Their accessories include hats, beach towels, bags and more. Have a look at their site, check out their looks, and come away with a free sticker.

3. Patagonia

Patagonia is a manufacturer of world-class outdoor apparel for mountaineering, outdoor adventuring, or just looking cool in your everyday life. Their ethos is simple: A guarantee does you no good if you’re hanging on the side of a mountain; keep your gear simple, and reliable. Their style is European and minimalist, but with great-looking colors you won’t find anywhere else.

You can get store catalogs of great gear, find out about new products and deals, and – yes – score some free stickers.

Free stickers are limited to one request per person every four months, but you’ll be pretty happy with what you get.

4. Coast Apparel

Coast Apparel sorts all your casual needs for dockside or fishing. Shorts, angler shorts, hoodies and accessories anchor the clothing line, but there is more to find on their site and in the stores. Take a look.

Get your free stickers by sending them a self-addressed, stamped envelope. This might seem like a hassle, but you’ll also have a relatively rare sticker for your trouble. If you sign up for their email list, they’ll even send you a coupon for 20% off.

A great deal in the store, and a cool sticker for the cost of a stamp and envelope!

5. Backcountry

Backcountry specializes in hiking and outdoor sports clothing and accessories. They will send you a sticker if you mail in a request. The Backcountry logo is a great design too, featuring a goat – very cool.

6. HeyBo Outdoors

HeyBo Outdoors is a hunting and fishing clothing store, but they also sell casual dress clothing and accessories.

Sign up for their mailing list and you may get a discount on your first order, as well as a cool sticker.


AFTCO stands for the “American Fish and Tackle Company” and, as you may have guessed, they sell fishing and sportswear and other gear.

They are a family-owned company, and will send you free stickers just for subscribing to their email list.

8. Weyhill & Wharf

Weyhill and Wharf specialize – and I mean really specialize – in oxford-style shirts. They don’t sell much else, but, they do also give away free stickers. Chances of other collectors having one from this obscure shirt seller? Not high.

Just fill out the contact form on their website, and include a sticker request in the comment section.

9. Osprey

Osprey is one of the most popular and best-known companies for outdoor and travel gear. They have a sticker request page too, so it’s easy to find and receive some of the coolest stickers out there. The Osprey is a kind of falcon, and often features prominently on their stickers.

10. Hook and Tackle

Hook and Tackle sell fishing apparel, backpacks, and drink insulators – everything you want to be sure to have for a day on the water! If you’re an avid fisherman (or fisherwoman), or you just love the look of them, these are a sticker necessity.

Visit the Hook and Tackle sticker page and request your free stickers – they’re happy to send them and to spread the word about their great products.

11. Annie’s

Annie’s is a great organic food company and their famous cheddar bunnies are not only delicious and healthy, but they make great images for stickers too! Whether you’re into organic eating, or just want to add an item to your free sticker collection, Annie’s can help.

Support healthy eating in style; visit the Annie’s website and request a free sticker for your collection.

12. Billabong

This company specializes in surfing and beach wear, and their stickers are cool and colorful. The brand is well known in certain circles and you might even get a little street cred (beach cred?) for displaying one of their colorful logos.

They’ll only ship free stickers to US addresses, but if you live somewhere else, you can have them sent to a friend and passed on to you through the mail.

13. PETA Kids

PETA stands for “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”, and is well known for its global efforts to prevent cruelty to animals. It’s not just adults that want to keep animals free from harm, and we all want our kids to grow up aware of animal welfare. PETA Kids stickers are a cool way of showing support and of letting people know that there is a kid’s branch of this activist organization.

PETA will even send your kids a free magazine called “The Kids’ Guide to Helping Animals”.

14. Southern Cross Apparel

Cool casual and sports apparel company, Southern Cross Apparel, asks only that you fill out their contact form and they’ll send you a free sticker. You can expect some marketing contact with them in the future, but with clothing that nice, you won’t mind at all.

15. Fish Hippie

It sounds like a fishing store, but it isn’t. Fish Hippie sells an unusual combination of casual and dress clothing and… wine. Sound peculiar? Maybe, but it’s a cool site and they have great stickers that they’ll give away for free, so check them out.

Other Companies that Will Send You Free Stickers

  1. Rome Snowboards
  2. RVCA
  3. Race Tech
  5. Properly Tied
  6. Wild Hat Company
  7. SkateLite
  8. Make Life Count
  9. Ked Shoes
  10. ICANCHU Shoes
  11. Heelys
  12. Rails to Trails Conservancy
  13. I Crave Freebies
  14. Sweet Free Stuff
  15. Yo! Free Samples
  16. 3000 Free Goodies
  17. Go Freebies
  18. Just Free Stuff
  20. Free
  21. Totally Free Stuff
  22. Free Stuff Finder
  23. Free Stuff Times
  24. Mr. Free Stuff
  26. I Love Free Things
  27. Seriously Free Stuff
  28. Houston Astros
  29. Chicago White Sox
  30. Polar Bottle
  31. G8 Auto Parts
  32. Smith & Wesson
  33. Southern Girl Prep
  34. Sperry
  35. VonZipper
  36. Mobile Bay
  37. Burton Snowboards
  38. Boreal Mountain Ski Resort
  39. In-N-Out Burger
  40. Cotopaxi
  41. Moosejaw
  42. Teton Sports
  43. Keds
  44. The Lucky Knot
  45. Haley and the Hound
  46. Southern Lure
  47. Medi-Badge
  48. Dakine
  49. Pelican Coast Clothing Company
  50. Salomon
  51. Believe in the Word
  52. Hupy and Abraham – Watch for Motorcycles
  53. Rip Curl
  54. Bayview Prep
  55. The Lucky Knot
  56. Marker-Volkl
  57. Savage Race
  58. Watermark Plumbing
  59. Medico Athletics
  60. Fringe Sports
  61. Vinyl Disorder
  62. Zumiez
  63. Cotopaxi
  64. Over Under
  65. Sticker You
  66. Lauren James
  67. KSVC Radio
  68. Punisher Skateboards
  69. Freezer Labels
  70. Collared Greens
  71. Moose Tracks
  72. Sticker Mule
  73. Jadelynn Brooke

Tips for Getting Free Stickers

Most companies want to get their logos and images into as many places as they can, so even if they aren’t listed here, ask your favorite companies if they have stickers available. Many do, and many of those will be happy to give them to you for free – especially if you are an enthusiastic customer.

You can request stickers in person, through the mail, online, or with a phone call. When you contact the company, be sure to be polite, let them know that you love their products, and that you want to help them get the word out by displaying a sticker for them. If they have any available, they’re likely to respond well and send you one or more free ones!