Raising a baby can cost a lot of money, and the things you buy for your baby either get used up right away, or they’re only fresh for a limited time. Finding ways to get free baby stuff can go a long way toward helping out.

How to Get a Free Baby Box?

Did you know you can get boxes of free baby stuff? That’s right. Companies want you to try their products, or to shop at their stores, so they are willing to send out free samples of all kinds of things. You can try them for free, then return to that company for more when you run out. Take advantage of offers from more than one store and more than one brand name, and the result can be a sizable collection of free products to get you started taking care of your new baby, without draining your bank account.

An added bonus is that you can find out which products work best for you, without having to spend money on them.

To get started, try a few of these great sources of free baby stuff.

1. Amazon Welcome Box

You can find anything you need on Amazon, and they deliver right to your home. Register your baby shower at Amazon and you can receive a welcome box of free baby products worth about $35.


You have to sign up for an Amazon Prime member account, and spend at least $10, but considering the value of the box, and that you get to choose which box you get, this is a great deal and results in $25 of free baby stuff!

2. Walmart Welcome Box

Walmart is a great source of free baby products too. If you pay the shipping and handling fees, Walmart will give you a choice of three different boxes, each one aimed at a certain age group. There is a box for expectant parents, one for newborns, and one for toddlers. Each box contains free samples of things like soothers, wipes, diapers, and coupons for other things you’ll probably need.


3. Target Registry Freebie Box

Simply signing up for a registry at Target qualifies you for a Baby Welcome Kit. The box contains $50 worth of coupons, and load of free samples. Not only will you be able to use these samples for free, you’ll also learn which products work best for your baby, and which don’t. This is normally an expensive process, so this helps out a lot.


Just stop in at your local store and bring home your box of free baby stuff.

4. Honest Co Box

If you sign up for a trial monthly subscription with Honest Co (you can do that here), you will get a free bundle of baby products. You can either continue receiving the monthly packages, or you can cancel as soon as you receive your free bundle. You’ll still need to pay the shipping fees (about $5.95), but that’s it.

5. Gerber Baby Gift Box

If you call Gerber to ask any question about their baby products, they will ask you if you want free baby stuff samples in the mail. Say yes, and about a week later you will receive free products and coupons. That’s right, free baby stuff, and sent right to your home.

How to Get Free Baby Formula?

One of the biggest costs you will have for your baby may be the formula. Whether you augment your breastfeeding program with formula, or use it exclusively, getting at least some of that formula for free will help lower your costs significantly.

1. Enfamil Family Beginnings Program

Enfamil will send you free samples of their baby formula – if you contact them through their website. They will also reward regular customers with special deals and offers. To receive those special benefits, you’ll need to register with them online so they can track your spending and reward you for your loyalty.

2. StoreBrandFormula.com

Sign up for StoreBrandFormula‘s monthly newsletter and you could win a $75 gift card that you can spend on formula.

You can also go on their website and sign up to receive monthly formula coupons that will allow you to buy at deeply discounted prices. Simply print them out.

3. Similac

Similac will also send out free baby formula to customers who register on their website and request samples. They know you won’t want to spend a lot on untried products, so they’re ready to let you try for free in the hope that you’ll become a loyal customer.

4. Doctor’s Office

Companies often provide OB-Gyn and pediatric doctors and offices with free samples of their products to hand out to new and expecting parents. This helps the companies to get their products out there, and doctors are happy to support products and companies who provide good quality solutions to parents.

Ask your doctor on your next visit if they have any free samples. You may receive formula, diapers, creams, or other free baby stuff.

5. Hospital

Much like the OB-Gyn or pediatric doctors’ offices, the hospital received free samples from companies. When you are at the hospital having your baby, be sure to ask them about formula options, and they will likely offer to send you home with some samples. Not only a great way to get free baby formula, it is also one less thing to do during a very busy time!

How to Get Free Baby Books?

Give your baby a solid start by exposing them to books and reading right from the start. Try these great ways to find baby and children’s books for free.

1. Kindle Children’s Books

Take a look at the free book offerings in the Kindle Store. They have free books available in a number of categories, including children’s books. The available titles vary from day to day, so check back more than once to receive great eBooks for free.

2. Imagination Books Monthly Freebie

If your area has access to the Imagination Books program, then you can sign up and receive a free book, every month, from 0 to 5 years old. That’s a lot of books!

3. Hardcover Animal Babies Book

When you sign up for a monthly subscription with Hardcover Animal Babies Books, you’ll receive a free book as a welcome gift. If you cancel your subscription within three weeks, you’ll pay nothing, and you’ll be left with a quality hardcover book.

4. Dr. Seuss Book Club Freebies

Sign up for a Dr. Seuss & His Friends book club subscription and you’ll pay only $4.99 for four books – and shipping is free. Once you get the discount books, you can continue receiving the monthly books at the regular price, or you can cancel the subscription.

Other Ways to Get Free Baby Stuff

1. Cashbackbase

Search Cashbackbase for great deals and free stuff from Amazon. Pick up an item on this site, and then you will be directed into an Amazon store to place order. After the item is shipped, you will get refund from cashbackbase. Make good use of this deal site, and you will get many free baby stuffs as well.

2. Coupons

Coupons are always a great way to save money. It may seem like a waste of time, a dollar here and a dollar there, but think of the difference a hundred coupons makes to your budget!

Ask at any major grocery or big box store and you’ll find all kinds of offers. Buying one and getting one free, especially on things you use regularly, is just like getting something for nothing, so take as much advantage of these deals as you can.

Setting some money aside for the purpose of cashing in on good deals in a great idea too. If something like wipes or diapers goes on sale, buy as much as they’ll let you – it’s like money in your pocket.

3. Friends and Family

Friends and family are a great resource too. Everyone likes to bring gifts for babies and new parents, so make sure they know what formula, diapers, and other supplies you like to use. Encourage baby shower guests to help you stock up for those first busy months, and if anyone asks you what they can bring, be ready with a practical suggestion.

4. Trade Your Other Stuff for Baby Stuff

Along with your new baby will come all kinds of supplies, equipment, toys and clothing. Why not make some money, and make room for them at the same time? Sell your old belongings, DVDs, old sports equipment and neglected clothing and furniture.

You may not use them anymore, but someone else will – and they’ll be willing to pay cash for them.


Having a baby is an expensive proposition, but you can take the edge off, and stretch your budget, by taking advantage of free samples, offers for free baby stuff, and great coupons and two-for-one deals. Companies want to win your business, and they’re willing to offer free baby stuff to do it. Every little bit helps, and even small savings add up to big money over time.

With the help of family and friends, and a little strategic clearing up of unused belongings, you’ll take the financial shock out of starting your new family.