Going shopping knowing that you will find the best price on the market is an unbeatable sensation. An even more rewarding feeling is being aware that a price match is guaranteed and that you will be compensated should you find a better price elsewhere.

That aside, if a company implements a price match policy, it probably means that their products are indeed the cheapest you can find. They would not risk their reputation by carrying out false/misleading advertising, right?

No wonder mega-retailers like Walmart come forward with price match guarantees matching Amazon’s products. It seems that the price leader (in several categories) has found a pretty worthy competitor!

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What Is Walmart Price Matching Policy?

In a nutshell, the Walmart price match policy commits the retailer to provide a low price on every product, every single day. This means that if you find an item that is sold at a lower price somewhere else (i.e., an online retailer), Walmart will match it.

In other words, you will get back the dollar difference between the two prices.


Needless to say, the product that will be price matched has to be an identical, in-stock item, not something that looks about the same or shares the same functions (see limitations below).

For Walmart to price match a product, the item has to be:

  1. Identical in model, brand, size, color, and quality.
  2. In stock on both Walmart.com and at the online retailer’s site (when you request a price match). No rain-checks are offered if the item is out of stock.
  3. Sold and shipped by specific online retailers (see list below).

List of Online Retailers that Walmart will Price Match:

  1. Amazon.com
  2. Academy.com
  3. Bestbuy.com
  4. Walgreens.com
  5. Toysrus.com
  6. Target.com
  7. Staples.com
  8. SportsAuthority.com
  9. Sears.com
  10. Petsmart.com
  11. Petco.com
  12. Pepboys.com
  13. Oreillyauto.com
  14. Officedepot.com
  15. Newegg.com
  16. Michaels.com
  17. Lowes.com
  18. Kohls.com
  19. Kmart.com
  20. Jcpenny.com
  21. Homedepot.com
  22. Familydollar.com
  23. Dollargeneral.com
  24. Dickssportinggoods.com
  25. Chewy.com
  26. Cabelas.com
  27. Bedbathandbeyond.com
  28. Basspro.com
  29. Babiesrus.com
  30. Autozone.com

Another case that Walmart will price match a product is when you purchase an item from them, and it comes out with a reduced price a short while after your purchase. This is called price adjustment and does not include products bought from a 3rd-party seller on the Walmart.com website or a Marketplace.

To request a price adjustment, simply contact Customer Care and ask for the price difference.

Price adjustments are not available for:

  1. One-Hour Guarantee prices
  2. Value of the Day products
  3. Special Buys
  4. Clearance items
  5. Products sold during Thanksgiving (until Cyber Monday).

Also note that Walmart will accept one price match per customer per day, and for one item except for orders to New Mexico (unless you buy a product to resell it).

Does Walmart Price Match Amazon Price?

Walmart will price match most Amazon prices except for the products labeled “Prime” because Prime is considered a club. According to their price match policy, any product that is offered at a lower price to consumers that have acquired membership is excluded from price matching. This is why it is vital to go through the company’s Policies and Guidelines and carefully to familiarize yourself with the conditions that can make you ineligible for a price match.


In short, you should not expect Walmart to match:

  1. Refurbished products or items that are used or damaged
  2. Prices that are offered as part of a Pickup Discounts
  3. In-store prices
  4. Products with a price error
  5. Prices from a 3rd-party seller or Marketplace
  6. Items on behalf of a 3rd-party seller or Marketplace
  7. Prices that require membership
  8. Auction prices
  9. Offers that include financing
  10. Products that are bought with coupons
  11. Rebates
  12. Bundle offers or mail-in offers
  13. Prices that drop if the consumer purchases a minimum quantity
  14. Discounts that are applied in checkout
  15. Prices that are shown during Thanksgiving Day and until Cyber Monday

It should also be noted that some Walmart stores are excluded from the company’s price match policy. For example, Walmart stores in Hawaii and Alaska do not price match other online or physical stores.

Also, beware if you have purchased an item that was advertised as dollar off (i.e., $3 off) or percentage off (i.e., “10% off”) as you won’t be able to request a price match according to Walmart’s price match policy.

Finally, rethink about asking a price match if the product you bought was listed as:

  1. Limited quantity offer
  2. Liquidation
  3. Flash offer
  4. Special hour offer
  5. Closeout
  6. Clearance

In any of the above cases, Walmart will not price match your product. The same applies to shipping charges, fees, and other charges that prevent prices from being ascertained independently.

How to Request a Price Match from Walmart.com?

If you believe that you are eligible for a price match, you must NOT place your order just yet. Instead, you should contact Walmart’s Customer Care first. The team will need to verify the eligibility of the product and then allow you to match the Walmart price to the online retailer that is selling the product cheaper.


Note that Walmart has the final saying in this – they get to decide to price match an online price or not. However, worry not. In the majority of cases, they approve price match requests, provided they fall under their Price Match Policy.

How to Request a Price Match from a Physical Walmart Store?

If you found an online retailer that is offering the exact same product of your likes at a lower price than one of Walmart’s physical stores, you need to refer to the company Policies and Guidelines (a section of the Price Match Policy).

According to it, you must inform the store of the price. If the item is in-stock on Walmart’s online store at the time you ask for a price match, and the team verifies the availability and price of the identical product, chances are you will get the price match.

This also applies to the cases you need to match a Walmart in-store price to the price of the online Walmart platform.

What to Do When Walmart Won’t Price-Match Amazon Prime Items?

Sometimes, Amazon has a lower price than anybody else on the market. So, what happens if you want to purchase a specific product that is sold for less money than at a Walmart immediately? What you actually desire is to “lock” the lower Amazon price and make your purchase from your local Walmart store. The problem here is that Walmart won’t price match any Prime Amazon product for the reasons already mentioned before.

But, what if the Prime status doesn’t show when you request Walmart for a price match? In this case, you can try out the following:

  1. Get a hold of your smartphone and open its web browser.
  2. If you have an Amazon account, do NOT login to it.
  3. Go to the Amazon website and pull up the product page from there.
  4. Alternatively, you can sign out of your Amazon app account.
  5. The product will not come labelled as Prime or appear as such in product pages.

If you follow the steps exactly as described, Walmart will not have any other option than give you a price match; so, go for it.

Important Note:

Don’t always fall for the price of an Amazon Prime product. In many cases, a product that doesn’t bear the Prime status is less expensive than the Prime price. If you fall into this category (meaning you have found a non-Prime Amazon product that is cheaper than that of Walmart), you win double!

You see, Amazon (and probably other major online retailers) have this strategy where they increase Prime prices to “compensate” themselves for the free 2-day shipping that is offered to all consumers that sign up for an Amazon Prime membership. It is a practice that is happening for a while, and it is more likely to continue in the future, given the increasing popularity of Prime. So, keep your eyes open!

What’s the Purpose of Price-Matching Policy?

One of the reasons Walmart could be implementing such an aggressive price match policy (not many companies price matched against a major online retailer like Amazon) is to help reduce a phenomenon called showrooming. Showrooming is when people go shopping, look through the windows of brick-and-mortar stores, find a product they like, and then buy it online at a lower price.

In many cases, consumers also visit a physical store and use their mobile phones to compare prices online. All they need to do is merely scan barcodes using one of the many apps available that help compare prices across a wealth of retailers (i.e., ShopSavvy, BuyVia, and RedLaser). If the price the store is offering is competitive (at least, the same as the one found online), they complete the purchase.

List of Other Stores Price-Matching Amazon

Below is a list of some more brick-and-mortar stores that also implement a price match policy, according to which they will match the lower prices found on Amazon.

  1. JCPenny – They will beat the price of an identical product that you have purchased by 5%.
  2. Target – If you bring them proof of the lower price, they will adjust the price (not Amazon Prime products).
  3. Lowe’s – They will price match an item you have purchased from them if you only bring in the competitor’s ad that shows lower price, inclusive of handling and shipping (up to 30 days from purchase).
  4. Dick’s Sporting Goods – You have 14 days from purchase to ask for a price adjustment either via web chat or phone.
  5. Best Buy – If you haven’t bought an item from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, and you have located a retailer that sells the item at a lower price, you can go ahead and request a price match.

Bed Bath & Beyond, as well as Nordstrom, Advance Auto Parts, and Fry’s Electronics also offer price matching, among others.

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A price match is a great marketing tool in the hands of retailers, and Walmart seems to know that. However, it is also a superb opportunity for consumers to ensure a low price for the product they wish to purchase. You can benefit from such a win-win situation by making sure your Walmart purchase follows the price match guidelines and price match policy.

Before you go any further, also read the exclusions carefully. If you feel that you qualify for a price match, just contact the company’s customer support and let them handle your case. Rest assured, the odds are on your side!