Price matching is one of the best promotional tactics online retailers use to beat the competition, stand out from the pack, and get customers to buy. Truth be told, it is a great opportunity to get the product of your liking cheaper than anywhere in the market.

Plus, a retailer that has gone into all that trouble to offer price matching is one that could be trusted. At least, they have gone to extreme lengths to grab your attention and offer you a quality product with a very attractive price tag. Take Best Buy, for example. They will price match with e-commerce colossus Amazon, which is huge!

Does Best Buy Price Match Amazon?

The basic Best Buy price match policy allows you to price match products that you buy either online or in-store at a pre-tax price. This includes all local retailers (and their online stores) and several online retailers like Amazon, Dell, Crutchfield, B&H Photo Video, HP, Tiger Direct, and Newegg. So, products that are either sold by or shipped from these any of these major online retailers can be price matched. Also, the company matches their in-store prices with their online ones and the other way around.

At this point, let’s note that a local retailer is considered a competitor that is no further than 25 miles of the location of the Best Buy store from which you wish to request the price match. To qualify as a local retailer per the Best Buy price match guarantee, the store should have official permission by a vendor to sell factory-sealed, new products within a warranty.


Caution should be exercised in regards the time the price matching takes place. Best Buy notes that it has to occur at the time you make the purchase. If, for example, you buy a smart TV today and find a retailer offering it at a lower price in a week or so, you are not eligible for a refund.

Other considerations to bear in mind, so you get a Best Buy price match:

  1. The price match can be applied to a single item per customer. This means that if you walk into a Best Buy thinking that you will get 10 items of the same product, you will be disappointed as you will receive a price matching for the first one and pay regular price for the other 9.
  2. The Best Buy Price Match Guarantee covers only new items, not open-box or clearance items.
  3. If the Best Buy price of a product (either online or in-store) has been lowered at the time of the return period, the company will match their lower price. In this case, you will need to make a formal request.
  4. If you buy a new item at and the item is offered at an even more reduced price at the time of pick up, Best Buy will charge the lower price.
  5. If you purchase a product from and its price drops at Best Buy before the day it is arranged to be delivered to you, you can get a 100% refund of the difference between price tags (incl. tax). The only thing you need to do is call the company at 1-888-237-8289, and you will receive the lower price (you won’t be able to get price matching via email or in-store – see below).

What Items Does Not Best Buy Price Match Policy Cover?

The Best Buy Price Match Guarantee does not cover the following:

  1. Contract smartphones that are sold online.
  2. Products whose stock is limited at a competitor’s physical or online store.
  3. Pre-order offers, offers that include installation and shipping fees, hourly/special day sales, or trade-in offers of a competitor.
  4. Items bought during Thanksgiving weekend.
  5. Clearance or open-box items.
  6. Coupon items.
  7. Items purchased from with an employee discount.
  8. Products that are sold by or shipped from a 3rd-party marketplace, such as Google, eBay, or Amazon. This includes the Best Buy marketplace too (also Best Buy For Business and Best Buy Education).
  9. Competitors’ service prices, such as computer services and delivery services. This is because of the price differences between the performed services.
  10. Pricing that is available only to specific customers (i.e., government exchange store offers and loyalty offers).
  11. Prices of online retailers that are not included in the price match list.
  12. Items from Best Buy Express Kiosks that have not been purchased yet.
  13. Financing offers of either a competitor or between and Best Buy stores. However, you may purchase an item, receive a price match, and use the Best Buy no-interest or low-interest financing plans on the initial buy.
  14. Items that are bought at a reduced price using the competitor’s credit card.
  15. Items that are on offer at a lower price at Best Buy Education or Best Buy For Business.
  16. Refurbished/pre-owned/bundle/free items.
  17. Mail-in/gift card/credit card offers.
  18. Video game discounts that result from a membership plan.
  19. Products on offer at a lower price due to a pricing error.

Voice-only deals:

Best Buy will not match the price of a voice-only deal, whether coming from Best Buy itself or a competitor that qualifies for one. The only case when you can request for your money back is when you buy a voice-only deal from Best Buy, and the company drops the price during the time you return the item. Price match is applied upon request in such instances, so that Best Buy can match the lower price.

How to Request a Price Match from Best Buy?

Requesting a price match is a simple and easy process. If you have made a purchase from a physical Best Buy store, all you need to do is contact their Customer Support department to talk to a company rep. So, either call them or use the chat function.

Beware; you will be asked to provide proof of the lower price you have found elsewhere. There are several ways to show proof of price. However, the most convenient one is to bring in the website address of the competitor that was selling the item you purchased at a lower price. Alternatively, you may hand over the competitor’s ad which clearly shows that they are offering the same product at a reduced price. Now, depending on which store you are asking for a price match, you may have to give them some time to go through the competitors’ website to confirm the difference in price before they agree to give you the money back. In some instances, they will just pick up the phone and call the competitor to establish the correctness of your claim.

Note that the product you are about to price match should be precisely the same as the product advertised or sold by a competitor. This means it should be a matching color, model number, and brand.

Tip: Several applications make your life easier as they can track price changes and notify you if they spot a lower price. You can try out (for products sold on Amazon), PriceJump (you can compare prices from more than 5,000 online retailers and stores before you buy the item), the Keepa extension (you will receive live alerts on price drops of Amazon items while shopping), the Honey extension (real-time updates on prices), and Moolah (it searches for the lowest price and tracks price drops automatically).

How to Request a Price Match from

The process you need to follow to ask for a price match for a product that you have purchased from the Best Buy online store is no different than the one that applies when requesting a price match from one of their Associates (physical stores).

Therefore, contact customer support and have a team member assist you with your claim. Again, the company does not accept email queries for price matches so you will need to either use the chat function or call them directly. If the last option is more appealing to you, then call 1-888-237-8289 (1-888-BEST BUY) and state your price match request.

The requirements are also the same between the Best Buy online store and their physical stores in that the price you found has to be the lower spotted at a qualified competitor. Of course, as previously mentioned, a local competitor is not only a physical store just around the corner but also any e-shops they may have.

Whichever method you choose to communicate with a company rep, make sure you have proof of the lower price somewhere handy because they will ask you for it. So, keep the competitor’s ad or write down the URL that showcases the product you are requesting a price match for. You may also take a screenshot of the website page and store it on your computer or mobile device so you can send it out when customer service says they need proof of price.

Keep in mind that if you have purchased an item from, then they will not accept any communication other than phone or chat. So, refrain from sending them an email or walking into a Best Buy store because you won’t get anything out of it. You will probably wait for an email reply that will never come.


Being eligible for a price match is dreamy situation, as it gives you the chance to not only buy the item of your likes at a low price but also ensure that you won’t get that price anywhere else in the physical or digital world. And, if you do, they will get compensated for the inconvenience! Best Buy is one of the many companies that have put forward such price match policies, allowing you to enjoy shopping experiences that guarantee superbly low prices for the product(s) you desire. Just go through the details of the Best Buy Price Match Guarantee carefully so that you don’t miss a thing!