We’ve all been there: standing in a store or surfing through Amazon, looking for the perfect gift for someone really hard to buy for. A great solution is out there, and you can probably get it for free: An Amazon gift card. It might be even better than a gift!


Amazon Gift Card Generator List and Step-by-Step Guide to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

It sounds crazy – who gives away free gift cards?! But there are advertising and survey companies out there who get paid to gather social media shares, customer information, and answers to various surveys. These companies often attract participants by offering gift cards as rewards for completing questionnaires or tasks. The larger the task you complete, the better the card that might be on offer.


When it comes to finding free Amazon gift cards, there are several good options out there. Any of those listed below will generate a gift card code for you. You can take that code and top up an Amazon account, or send the code directly to someone else to redeem. Before we take a look at how to redeem your free gift card, let’s look at some of the most popular Amazon Gift Card Generators there are to choose from.

1. Amazon Gift Code Scraper + Generator

First, download and open the Amazon Gift Code Scraper + Generator. You can download it from one of several sites, including http://gettamazongiftcard.blogspot.com/ and https://www.hoply.info/download-amazon-gift-card-generator/.

Select the country you are in, then click the “SCRAPE” button. The program will initiate and find a code for you. When it’s finished, it will let you know and wait for you to click OK.

The gift code will be in grey type in the window. In order to redeem it, follow the directions in the “How to Redeem an Amazon Gift Card” section below.

2. Livenicelife Gift Cards

Another option is the one found here. Just go to the website and choose “Amazon” from the list of available gift cards.

Next, choose the amount you’re looking for. The site will connect and generate a code for you. When complete, it will display it on the screen… all but the last four characters. In order to get those characters, there are a few additional steps.

First, you’ll probably have to click the box to show you’re not a robot – this shows the site that you are a human, and not a program designed to collect thousands of codes. After you’ve proven that you are a human, click on an offer and enter your mobile number when prompted to do so.

The site will send you a text. Reply to it with “OK”. You will then be “subscribed” to the list to receive alerts. If you don’t want to receive alerts and offers, you can immediately send another text that says “STOP” and you will get a message verifying that you are now unsubscribed. Finally, send a third text that says “SHOW”. The final four characters for the code will be texted to you within a minute or two.

Now you have the full code, and can redeem it as shown in the Amazon Gift Card section below.

3. Online Free Gift Code Generator

This Amazon Gift Card generator can be found here.

Scroll down if necessary, and click on the ‘Amazon Gift Card’ envelope image. Click on the amount you want. The first step is to share the site using one of your social media accounts.

Once you’re shared and verified that your social media site is real, you will receive the code. Once you have it, redeem it as normal on the Amazon Gift card page in your Amazon account.

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4. Free Gift Code Generator

This Amazon Gift Card generator is found here. Once on the site, click the Amazon image for the amount you want. At this point, you will be asked to check the box to prove you’re not a robot, then click ‘Generate Code.’ You can then choose to complete a short offer, or to share on Facebook and Whatsapp.

When you have completed the necessary action, your code will be displayed – redeem it as normal in your Amazon account.

5. Xcodes

First, go to http://www.xcodes.pro.

There are several different types of gift cards to choose from. Since we’re looking for an Amazon gift card, one of the most versatile cards, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Amazon image.

A button will pop up with the words “GET YOURS NOW” on it. Click it to continue. You will then see three different card amounts that are available. You’ll need to scroll down and click on the amount you want. It will initialize and generate a code for you, but it will hide the final five characters until you complete a task.

Click “VERIFY NOW!” to continue. You will have to complete a few questions. If you qualify to receive a prize (such as a Starbucks gift card), you will be asked for contact details and your prize collection details will be sent to you.

Once you are done filling in this information, you will notice that the code is complete.

Copy it, then go to your Amazon account and redeem the gift card.

6. No Human Verification Gift Cards

Unlike the other Amazon Gift Card generators, this site requires no survey, and no human verification.

On the initial page, click the “Generate Now” button at the bottom. It will begin processing, and produce a number for you.

Enter this number into your Amazon account to redeem the value.

How to Redeem an Amazon Gift Card Code?

To use one of these codes, click “COPY”, and then go to the Amazon site. Sign in as normal and then go to the “Gift Cards” option in in the “Your Account” drop-down menu. Click “View Gift Card Balance” and then, in the left-hand menu, select “Apply a Gift Card to Your Account”. Enter (paste) the code into the box. Click “Apply to Your Account”.

That’s it! Your new balance will be added to your account. You can use this balance to buy a gift card for someone else… or maybe the gift is for yourself this time. You could also send the code directly to the person you want to give it to, and they can redeem it in their own account.

Other Methods to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Sometimes your bank account is a bit light, but you’re happy to put a little effort into getting Amazon Gift Cards. In that case, there are several sites that regularly offer gift cards in return for completing tasks. These can range from doing web searches, to simply watching videos.


One of the most popular providers of free Amazon Gift Cards is Swagbucks. You will receive a $5 bonus just for signing up, and you can earn gift cards by taking surveys, participating in product trials, playing games, shopping online, performing web searches, or watching videos.


You can also join MyPoints and earn points for each task you complete. You can complete surveys, watch videos, explore websites, and print coupons… yes, you even earn points for printing coupons that save you money!

You can build up these points and redeem them for Amazon Gift cards and then apply the value to your Amazon account.


PrizeRebel is another great site for earning free Amazon Gift Cards. You can sign up to PrizeRebel and start earning right away. The primary way to earn gift cards on PrizeRebel is to complete surveys. Your opinions and experience are important and valuable to companies, so why not get paid for sharing them? Take a survey now and begin earning your gift cards now.


When you have an occasion to give a gift, there are more choices now than ever before – both for the item you choose, and for the way you get it. Sometimes you know the perfect gift to give, and have the money on hand to buy it… but when you don’t, try taking a few simple steps to get free Amazon Gift Cards.

It’s an easy way for you to save some money, and for you to offer your loved one a choice of millions of items for sale on Amazon! It’s a way to solve two problems with one easy solution – and may be better than giving a gift in the first place.

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