9 Ways To Make Profit With SEO In 2022

SEO is the act of getting your site to the top of search engines to attract visitors. Whether or not your site reaches the top depends on how well it meets Google’s requirements. These requirements are called ranking algorithms. In other words, the rules of distribution of sites. The primary purpose of the ranking algorithms is to automatically determine how well the Internet resource meets their requirements and whether it will be helpful to users.


Many entrepreneurs have spent a lot of money promoting their websites without obtaining any results. To make money from SEO, you need to see results because it is difficult for a person to understand who is in front of him: a bona fide performer or a “black” SEO.

This article is written for those who want to make money with SEO. What is the SEO optimization of a website? How to earn and what to do to get results from it in 2022. Read this post. You can quickly determine whether you’ve got guys who work honestly or scammers with some initial knowledge.

Ranking Algorithms in 2022

In 2021, Google was busy changing its website ranking algorithms. As a result, SEO ranking has become more complicated, making SEO earning challenging. Therefore, the position of many Internet resources in rankings has sagged significantly. And the fact is that the “black” promotion methods no longer work.

Sites promoted by such methods are either banned or disappear from the first pages of results. Buying links, behavioral tuning, and overspending with keywords played cruel jokes on the sites that used them. To get a price for guest posts, you need to know what the cost of a link depends on.

The algorithm “BERT” from Google began to see the resource’s content through the eyes of users. To do this, they use artificial intelligence — neural networks. Today, it is no longer possible to insert a certain number of necessary keywords into an article, buy links, or gain behavioral factors and get high places. Now you need a comprehensive website promotion plan.

Basic SEO Trends

Google regularly improves algorithms and tools based on which sites are given positions and determines how accurately the pages of a web resource respond to users’ requests. As a result, changes in the ranking are occurring all the time. And they require SEO specialists to take them into account regularly and change the main tasks in the promotion strategies. As a result, several major SEO trends will be relevant in 2022.

9 Ways To Make Profit With SEO

9 Ways To Make Profit With SEO

Poor Quality Links No Longer Work

Abandon the outdated ways of building link mass. For example, SEO website optimization still involves links for promotion. But the linking group in random directories no longer works today. What matters now is the quality of the links, not their quantity.

If you decide to post links to your site, do this through reputable resources. For example, several major publications on relevant topics should be referenced more than many small blogs on your site.

Quality and Authoritative Content

Write the content to be useful for users, not for robots. It used to be that texts were littered with keywords aimed at search engines. Now you need to write articles for people. Carried meaning and were helpful to visitors.

Google can determine the index of consumer orientation, and keyword stuffing does not work today. The content must meet the needs of visitors. Valuable articles that visitors will read are ranked higher than articles with no meaning but overloaded with keywords.

In 2022, to make money online and thrive, one should adhere to the golden mean and competent balance between SEO company for users and SEO for robots.

The Amount of Content

Long articles with a breakdown of something are more likely to help get constant traffic from the site than medium-length articles. It happens because reading in-depth information about a topic takes more time for visitors to learn about it. And as you know, the more time users spend on your site, the higher it ranks.

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The Influence of Social Networks

Today, social networks are one of the primary sources of attracting customers to the site. In addition, they have a positive effect on the distribution of content. As a result, those companies that have staked on SMM promotion have significantly increased traffic to their sites. And thanks to social networks, at the top, they took the lead position.

Adapting the Site for the Mobile Version

Most Internet users prefer to visit various websites using their cell phones or tablets. According to the data, their number will increase in 2022. Search engines have taken this into account and now prefer sites equally beautiful and comfortable on smartphones and tablets with different screen diagonals.

That’s why one of the leading SEO trends is website adaptability for mobile devices. In 2019, Google stated that sites that don’t have a mobile version are of little value.

Site Loading Time

Site load speed is probably one of the biggest SEO trends of 2022. Unfortunately, slowly loading pages harms SEO and the Internet resource itself. The demands of Internet users are growing every day. They do not want to waste time on slow loading.

It, in turn, affects the failure rate. Therefore, a high rejection rate harms the site’s position. Read a lot of helpful information on this topic in the article “Low site load speed-loss of customers.”

“Black” Promotion Methods Will no Longer Work

Previously, engines relied on behavioral factors. The longer visitors stayed on a web resource, the higher it rose. Enterprising SEO specialists learned how to inflate these indicators artificially.

However, since September 2021, search engines have reacted to such practices by prohibiting sites from using cheating behavioral factors. And this trend continues to gain momentum. Algorithms are becoming more and more sophisticated. And engines drop sites that engage in cheating from the top.

System Promotion

In 2022, the key to success will be systematic, diligent, and quality promotion. First, fill your site regularly with valuable content. If you write 5-8 articles per month, you’ll get a large audience of regular visitors.

SSL Certificates

SEO optimization is a rather complicated process. And an SSL certificate is a prerequisite. SEO is no longer a magic button to click and get high rankings. Today, the promotion requires the joint work of the web studio and the business. Only then can SEO-optimization increase organic traffic.

This article is written so that you can choose the right way to promote a web resource on the Internet and achieve the desired result. How much does SEO take? It depends on the success of their actions. There may be others in addition to the trends described above. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a hand on the pulse at all times! We wish you good luck in promoting your business on the Internet!

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No matter what, SEO continues to be relevant. Moreover, it will be profitable as long as there are search engines on the Internet. So it makes sense to start learning the basics of search engine optimization today to make good money tomorrow.

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