Most of the time the things you want are found on Amazon, but sometimes a better deal can be found elsewhere – or maybe you just want the cash. Rather than keep your money tied to an Amazon Gift Card, why not liquidate it and put that money in your pocket instead?

Best Way to Sell Amazon Gift Card for Cash – Gameflip

Gameflip is a service set up to allow people with unwanted games, in-game items, movies, and gift cards to convert them to cash.

The way it works is simple. The seller signs in to the website or mobile app. He then puts an Amazon gift card up for sale at a discount of something like 5-15%. A $50 gift card, for example, might be for sale for as high as $47.50 (a 5% discount), or as low as $42.50 (a 15% discount) if you want a really quick sale.


The card will be listed for thousands of potential Gameflip buyers to see. A member buys the card, receives the gift code, rates the transaction, and then the funds are deposited into your Gameflip wallet. You can take this money out at any time, moving it to your PayPal or bank account, or converting it to Bitcoin.

8 Alternative Ways to Sell Amazon Gift Cards for Cash

There are many other ways to convert your Amazon Gift Card to cash, too. Here are 8 of the best ones.

1. Cardpool

Cardpool is a service that allows people to buy and sell a variety of cards in an online marketplace. The profits available are smaller than some of the other options, but you can still earn up to 92% of the card’s value. If the card was a gift, or it’s one that you know you won’t use, then this is still pretty good value.

2. Raise

Raise has the usual options for buying and selling cards, but it also offers a cool extra service in that it verifies the validity and remaining balance on the card before it goes live as a listing.

The return on Amazon Gift Cards is also a whopping 99%, due to their popularity, so you’re paying very little for converting your gift card into cash. It’s quick too, with most in-demand cards selling within 24 hours.

One drawback though, because Amazon Gift Cards are so popular, Raise only accepts them from select sellers, so if you don’t manage to get onto that list, you may need to look at one of the other great options from this list.

3. Reddit

Reddit was made as a social media exchange site, not as a marketplace for exchanging cards, but there are subreddits that offer Gift Card Exchange at rates that you set. You name the price you want and interested parties can pay that amount or make you an offer. Once both parties have agreed on the price, you can set up payment using PayPal, Bitcoin, or Ethereum.

If you plan to do this regularly, you can become a verified seller and Reddit will give you a badge that will increase your chances of selling, as it increases buyers’ confidence in what you have to offer.

4. Craigslist

You can sell your gift cards through Craigslist, and meet the buyer to hand them the card in person in exchange for cash – with no extra admin fees. You’ll need to be ready to verify the balance when you meet the buyer, and this can be done using a smartphone or tablet.

Of course this method often means some expense and time for travel to meet the buyer – and vice versa – so factor that in when determining your price. For this reason, Craigslist is best for higher amounts, as it leaves room for discounts and still results in enough value for the seller.

Always meet in a public place to ensure your safety.

5. Facebook

There are local buy and sell groups on Facebook, and if the particular group allows the selling of gift cards, you can sell your Amazon Gift Cards for free – there is no admin fee.

Facebook groups are often local as well – rather than state-wide like Craigslist – so you won’t waste any time with buyers who are too far away to make the exchange practical.

6. CardCash

You can sell or trade cards in CardCash. Trading an Amazon Gift Card for another less popular type can not only bring in the full value of the Amazon card, it can sometimes increase your earnings by 11%.

If you sell your Amazon card for cash, you can earn up to 92% of the redeemable value.

7. GiftCardBin

Another option is to send your unwanted gift cards to the GiftCardBin processing center. Payment will be received in three to ten business days.

GiftCardBin has physical stores that sell unwanted gift cards. If there is a store near you, you could even bring your card into the store and sell it for cash on the spot.

You’ll get a bit less for your cards in this way, but it is a sure sale and it will happen right away, so no waiting or wondering is involved.

8. Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is good in that it takes several card-selling marketplaces and brings them together into one interface. It shows you the best returns available from these marketplaces and you therefore have the confidence that you’re getting a good deal.

There are other options here too. You can sell the card right away for a price on offer, or you can name your price and wait to see if there are any takers. You can even opt to take a trade-in if there is another card that would suit your shopping habits better.

You can earn loyalty points and redeem them for even more money and benefits too – just from using Gift Card Granny more often.

Other Ways to Make Use of Amazon Gift Cards

These aren’t the only options open to you. You can get value from your cards in a number of ways – not always just for money.

1. Regift Amazon Gift Card to Family and Friends

Money saved can be as valuable as money earned, so consider giving your Amazon Gift Card to someone else instead of spending it yourself – or buying them a present! This allows you to retain 100% of the value of the card for the person you give it to, and saves you time because you don’t have to shop.

2. Buy Stuff for Friends/Family and Get Cash in Exchange

If re-gifting the card sounds too impersonal, then use it to buy a gift for someone else. This way, you can redeem 100% of the value of the card, and get a personal, thoughtful gift for a friend or family member. If you want to impress that special someone, you can even add some extra cash and come up with a more expensive token of your affection – without breaking your bank account.

3. Donate Your Unused Gift Cards

You can also donate unused gift cards to registered charities, often gaining a tax-deductible receipt. Depending on your tax situation, this can mean a reduction in taxes equal to the amount of the card – basically cash in your pocket.

In this way, you’ll take an unwanted gift card and do some social good with it – and get a tax break for your efforts.

4. Sell or Trade to Your Friends and Co-workers

A friend or co-worker will often give you 100% value on a gift card, just because they know you. If they buy from Amazon regularly, it doesn’t cost them anything extra and they may be willing to help you out.

If they don’t know you well enough to do a one-to-one trade, then a small discount will usually do the trick. It might be quicker and simpler than doing this online, and a small percentage discount can be a good incentive in that situation.

5. Sell Them for Bitcoin on Purse

If you’re interested in converting the card to Bitcoin, you may get the benefit of the current monetary value, plus you’d be buying an investment – Bitcoin values have been rising rapidly for years.

Shoppers who use Purse create a wish list of things they want. You redeem your gift card on their behalf so they can buy that thing. The shopper gets 20% off the item because of the Bitcoin to Amazon cash exchange rate. You still earn a better profit than you would be selling your card for cash, and you receive your funds in the form of Bitcoin.


There are lots of options out there for converting your Amazon Gift Cards into cash. From Gameflip to coworkers, there are many markets for cards you don’t want yourself. Add to this flexibility the options to trade your card for another card or item, use it to buy a gift without having to lay out any cash, or even contributing to a charity (with possible tax benefits).

For little or no loss of value – maybe even some gain – you suddenly won’t feel so tied down to an online Amazon purchase. Your Amazon Gift Card becomes as good as cash.